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Congratulations to the ASRI Inaugural Class

Congratulations to the ASRI Inaugural Class

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Nearly 800 industry professionals completed the ASRI designation in 2016 and earned the distinction of becoming part of the Associate, Secure Retirement Institute’s Inaugural Class!

What does it mean to be in the Inaugural Class? Well, aside from the valuable knowledge gained, the dedication shown, and the investment made in one's career, there are the bragging rights. It's nice to be first across the finish line or up the mountain. And students who earned the distinction will also

  • Receive the Inaugural Class seal on their certificate
  • Be recognized in both Resource Magazine and the Secure Retirement Institute Review
  • Be listed on the Inaugural Class page of our website*

To everyone who made it by the deadline—congratulations…we wish you the best for continued professional success.

To everyone still working on the ASRI—keep going! You can still make it into the FSRI Inaugural Class if you finish the entire designation by December 31 this year.

* Suitable for sharing to social media to let people know you made it.

Posted by LOMA Admin at 04/18/2017 03:40:29 PM