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Balancing act

Balancing act

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Those who work toward their FLMI often have to balance work schedules, family, and other priorities along with their study time. Somehow, they make it work.

I started on my FLMI designation in August of 2012, completing my ACS within 3 months and taking a total of 8 tests within 6 months. The 9th test was passed two months before my second son was born and I had changed positions at my company. With many interruptions in my personal and professional life, including a flooded home, taking care of my mother, and having our 3rd child, I finally started working on my LOMA 351 just over 8 years after my last test. Accounting was not easy and I struggled. Later I changed careers but ended up back in insurance and found out my new company supported LOMA.

I completed my last two tests in two months and am proud of the accomplishment. The LOMA courses not only prepared me for a career in management and Learning & Development, but helped me understand my agents as I moved into a sales leadership specialist position.

Jeremy Putt FLMI, ACS
Agency Field Specialist, State Farm Insurance Company

I started working for Protective Life Insurance Company in February 1974. Because I wasn’t a college graduate, I felt it was particularly important to prove myself capable. Aside from my work habits, I decided that studying to get my FLMI designation was valuable.

When I remarried in November 1980, I still had four exams to complete to get my FLMI. Now, I had a husband to juggle along with my job and my twins in grade school. I thought that I might let the exams slide, a bit. And then, I found out that an upcoming convention would be in Toronto. At that time, my company would send a new FLMI and spouse to the LOMA convention. My husband was thrilled with the idea of going to Toronto.

So, instead of letting my exams slide, I buckled down to take Accounting, Economics (which I realized was philosophy), Life Insurance Mathematics and my specialty, Pension Planning. My husband’s part was helping my girls with their homework. All the pieces fell into place and I was awarded my FLMI in September 1982. My husband and I did go to Toronto. He bought me a black lace cocktail dress that I still have.

My success with my LOMA studies gave me the confidence to re-enroll in college, and I then finished my undergraduate degree in 1985. In the course of my forty year career in insurance, I have worked in Policyholders Service, as an Executive Secretary, in Information Technology as a Business Analyst and Conversion manager, in Marketing and Actuarial. It’s been an eclectic and rewarding career. I can thank the FLMI program and the resulting knowledge for giving me the “street cred” to start that journey.

Susan R. Sallin, FLMI, ACS
Business Systems Analyst, LAD Life Systems, Life and Annuity Division, Protective Life

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Posted by Kathy Ryan at 12/21/2018 07:35:09 PM