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Join the Quest…and let the games begin!

Join the Quest…and let the games begin!

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The latest in innovative industry education is now available! LOMA’s Impact Cx: The Quest is an interactive, gamified course focused on helping to create a positive customer experience (CX) for your customers. Diverse characters bring to life abstract concepts of journey mapping and CX touchpoints through concrete, relatable examples…and the game aspect challenges learners to develop their empathy skills and business sense.

Each decision point in the course is tied to LIMRA’s Customer Experience Benchmarking Program’s dimensions of customer experience, including ease of doing business, meets needs, peace of mind, provides value, and meets expectations.

Impact Cx: The Quest is appropriate for all individuals in a life and/or P/C home office who have some basic knowledge of insurance products and operations. The course is also ideal for individuals working in BPOs or other organizations to service and support life and P/C products.

For maximum benefit, and to create a customer-first mindset for your entire organization, we recommend making the course available to all or most employees. LOMA’s team of experts can help determine the right deployment strategy for your company.

To find out how to deploy Impact Cx: The Quest in your company, or to request a demo, contact

Posted by LOMA Admin at 06/19/2017 12:35:43 PM