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Outstanding Society Awards Deadline


It is already that time of year again…time to pay tribute to yourselves for your outstanding work in 2018! As usual, the deadline for the OSA submissions is Saturday, April 30th! Please refer to the LOMA Society OSA Web pages at Outstanding Society Awards (OSA) for all of the details on the OSA qualifying criteria and instructions on how to submit your entry(ies).

Please submit your entries by April 30th, as there will be no late submissions accepted. You can send your submissions by mail or email!

Email entries:

Mailed entries:

Attn. Barbara Francis
6190 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30339

If you have any questions about the Outstanding Society Awards, please feel free to contact the LOMA Society Support Team via email at lomasociety@loma.org.

Thanks and we look forward to receiving your winning entries!

—Barbara Francis, LOMA Society Support Team