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Tackling Your Digital Customer Experience Challenges

November 19, 2020

Consumer expectations are constantly evolving. Accurately completing applications shouldn’t be a daunting task — for the agent or the applicant. Transform your approach to obtaining a comprehensive view of risks associated with an applicant by leveraging the power of data and analytics to stay ahead of what consumers expect. During this session learn how to seamlessly decrease cybercrime using multi-layered identity authentication, reduce long underwriting cycle times, streamline the application process and improve the customer experience.

Insights From Executives On Major Factors That Determine PAS Modernization Success Or Failure

June 11, 2020

In this session, we will share the latest research from Equisoft and Novarica that reveals what industry leaders have done to successfully modernize, including a discussion with Oracle on factors that affect the outcome. Find out how far along other insurers are in their modernization journeys and go-forward transformation strategies. Including: what approaches to modernization have succeeded or failed, what drivers motivate CIOs and business leaders to modernize, and what you should consider that you haven't already.

Thriving After Disruption — Insurance Carrier Strategies for Operating in the New Normal

May 14, 2020

The global pandemic created challenges that few foresaw and many are finding hard to solve. In this session, we'll share lessons from our 25 years of experience navigating crises with insurers that can help you succeed post-disruption including: the disrupted industry landscape: financial, technological and resource issues facing insurers today, what technology investment priorities should change as a result of the crisis, the right modernization strategies for operating in the new normal—solutions for a distributed workforce, automation, speed-to-market, data consolidation.

Identity Access Management — Balancing Customer Experience with Fraud Prevention in the Digital Age

May 07, 2020

More and more, life carriers are leveraging digital channels to enhance the buying experience of consumers and the service experience for their customers. But with an expanded digital presence comes an increasing responsibility to protect consumers and to defend the carrier from growing cybercrime attempts. This webinar will explore how life carriers must meet the challenge of both safeguarding and satisfying customers, and will identify tools and strategies that can help achieve that balance.

Bringing It All Together: How to Revolutionize the Application Process

April 30, 2020

Consumer expectations are constantly evolving. Accurately completing applications shouldn’t be a daunting task — for the agent or the applicant. Transform your approach to obtaining a comprehensive view of risks associated with an applicant by leveraging the power of data and analytics to stay ahead of what consumers expect. During this session learn how to seamlessly decrease cybercrime using multi-layered identity authentication, reduce long underwriting cycle times, streamline the application process and improve the customer experience.

Implementing Individual and Group on a Single Platform: One Carrier’s Progress and Lessons Learned

March 21, 2019

Competition in Group Insurance, driven by profitability objectives, plan designs, customer experience expectations, and pricing, are forcing Group carriers to innovate and evolve their policy administration systems. On our webcast a year ago, American Fidelity shared their transformation story and discussed how they made the strategic decision to select a new core system. With the impending launch of Individual, we’ve invited them back to discuss their progress and preparations for adding Group on the same policy administration platform. In addition, the webcast features an outstanding analysis of tech trends from Novarica.

Adapting to the New Insurance Industry Environment: A Conversation

April 25, 2018

The insurance industry today finds itself confronting enormous changes on all fronts, from technology to consumer expectations to regulation. Insurers need to navigate all this change to survive and be successful in the future. This webcast features a conversation with insurance veteran Ben Etheridge, a managing partner for Workday, and Chris Artemenko, strategic advisor for Workday, about the current challenges and shifting business environment that insurance companies find themselves in today. In Q&A format, they discuss the impact of technology on insurance companies, the pace of change, and consumer and regulatory nuances.

e-Signature Best Practices for Life Insurance

December 13, 2017

As life insurance companies look to improve the customer experience through all channels, the need for electronic signatures is a given. With hundreds of insurance companies of all sizes using e-signatures, there are plenty of tips and tricks to learn from. Watch this recorded webinar to learn about getting started, building workflow, ensuring security, and more.

Gain a Competitive Advantage for Your Group Business with a Flexible, Modern Policy Administration System

November 09, 2017

Many life and annuity insurers are faced with this scenario: your Group business is growing, but you are increasingly hampered by your legacy systems and unable to respond quickly to market changes. Application silos and complicated IT environments make even minor changes difficult or time consuming. Join this webcast for insight and solutions to challenges like these.

Millennials, Maslow and Minimalism: What May Impact Insurance Most?

October 19, 2017

Insurance companies no longer need to be convinced that there is opportunity within the millennial generation to grow market share. In fact, it seems like it is “all the rage.” Large investments in digital platforms and startup technologies may seem like the obvious solution. However, your organization may missing the bigger picture relative to global trends that could have a major impact on the insurance industry in five, 10 or more years down the road.

E-Signatures: Changing Landscape for Life Insurers

June 21, 2017

The process of buying life insurance and receiving post-issue service is becoming increasingly digitized - driven by customer expectations for convenience and ease. Electronic signatures are enabling this digital transformation. In response to accelerated adoption of e-signatures, Celent recently published the report, “Putting a Lock On Straight-Through Processing – Life Insurance E-Signature Vendors 2017.” The research aimed to answer the questions: “how is e-signature technology transforming the life insurance customer experience?” “who are the main vendors?” and “what are the common components of a solution?” The report and the answers to these questions are shared in this webcast. Presented by Colleen Risk, Senior Analyst, Celent and Andrea Masterton, Director Corporate Marketing eSignLive by VASCO.

The Digital Divide: Bridging the Digital Divide with Core Systems

May 23, 2017

How will your core systems hold up to the challenges of the digital world? Our increasingly digital ecosystem is changing all aspects of insurance, and policy, billing, and claims systems play an indispensable role in supporting new digital experiences. Groundbreaking new research from Strategy Meets Action shows how insurers are bridging the digital divide with core systems. Presented by Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action.

Mitigate Risk in Core Modernization: The Value of Life System Integrators

March 07, 2017

The success of any transformation project depends not only on the strength of the chosen platform, but the proven value and industry experience of the implementation team. The top scoring system integrator attributes of price, knowledge, responsiveness and stability are the cornerstones of a successful implementation. In this webinar, hear industry leaders discuss the shifting views and proven value in using system integrators and share actual life insurer experiences.

Hot Technologies for Life Insurers

October 11, 2016

New and exciting technologies promise to transform the insurance industry. To find out what insurers think and how they are responding, Strategy Meets Action (SMA), in partnership with LOMA’s Resource, conducted a research study on emerging technologies and innovation in insurance. In this informative webinar, we present the findings of the survey.

E-Signature Successes in Insurance

July 27, 2016

Client satisfaction has long been a top priority for life insurance companies. Ironically, a common problem with the standard, manual, paper-based processing used by insurance carriers is impaired productivity that leads to write-backs. Equipping representatives and clients with the ability to complete, sign and submit life insurance applications electronically with e-signatures eliminates the need to print, manage, mail and store paper – resulting in significant time and cost savings. In this webinar, you hear the stories of two life insurers' e-signature projects, their user requirements, adoption goals and results after implementing e-signatures in their processes.

New Methods of Measuring Vendor Cybersecurity Performance

April 26, 2016

Regulators, boards of directors, and investors have grown increasingly concerned about potential security risks introduced by both traditional and SaaS vendors. At the same time, life insurance companies are experiencing rapid growth in total number of vendors they do business with, particularly SaaS, as both line of business and decentralized IT groups require specialized capabilities to meet business objectives. The traditional method of relying on vendor surveys and attestations can no longer keep up with the complexity and volume of work required to accurately measure the security program quality of all these third parties. This webinar presents new methods for measuring the information security quality of any company just by looking at it.

A Progressive Approach to Insurance Policy Administration Transformation

November 19, 2015

To reduce risk, some carriers are using progressive migration instead of full system replacement. In this webcast, Oracle and LOMA invite you to learn more about this approach and explore how insurers can use policy administration components to achieve enterprise agility while reducing risk.

Emerging Technologies in Life Insurance

October 28, 2015

Technology seems to be advancing by leaps and bounds, perhaps faster than ever before. Science fiction is becoming reality right before our eyes— including such technologies as wearables, the Internet of Things, new payment technologies, artificial intelligence, biotech/genomics and more.To learn how these advances will affect life and annuity companies, LOMA's Resource magazine partnered with consulting firm Strategy Meets Action (SMA) to conduct an extensive research study on twelve emerging technologies. In this webinar, SMA Partner Mark Breading discusses the results of the research and how certain emerging technologies may impact our industry.

Why Insurance Organizations Need Good Data Before They Can Have Big Data

June 03, 2015

Learn how insurers are leading the charge for data access in their mission to unlock critical business insights generated by paper forms, improve data quality, reduce costs and expedite turnaround times, all while continuing to embrace the many benefits and conveniences paper has to offer. Sponsored by Captricity.

Time to Transform: Business Realities Demand Newer Life and Annuity Core Systems

November 11, 2014

In this webcast, presented by Dave Shively, Senior Director, Life and Annuity Policy Administration, Oracle and Olivier Lafontaine, Vice President for Insurance, EquiSoft, we discuss the advantages that one integrated Policy Administration platform offers for the Life, Annuity, Wealth, Group, Worksite, and Health Insurance market, and how it can improve growth opportunities for the future. We also present case studies on how carriers larger and small, domestic and international, have increased business agility and reduced costs and are achieving transformational results from policy modernization.

The Coming Revolution in Life Customer Acquisition

February 20, 2014

Strategy Meets Action shares the results of a recently conducted research study to assess how L&A insurers are preparing for a new age of customer acquisition. The study, in partnership with LOMA’s Resource magazine, addressed both business and IT initiatives in marketing and distribution. The scope covers marketing campaigns, distribution management, and sales processes such as needs analysis and illustrations, and the submission of the application. Webinar also sponsored by Insurance Technologies.

Consolidating Individual and Group Business on a Single Platform — It Can Be Done

October 30, 2013

Carriers require the ability to rapidly adapt to changing regulatory requirements and market demand for new and improved products. They also aspire to reduce operational costs and complexity by decreasing the number of systems required to support their business. How is this possible? What will it take to get all this done?

New Swap Compliance Requirements for Pension Plan Asset Managers

September 09, 2013

U.S. Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) rules require clearing of designated interest rate and credit default swaps by ERISA pension plans and certain other counterparties by September 9. This webcast will help you assess the implications of new reporting requirements and publicly available data, prepare for clearing specified interest-rate swaps and credit-default swaps, prepare for new modes of trade execution, and understand the importance of reviewing their preparations with trading, clearing and custody partners and advisors.

E-Signature Trends for Life Insurance Companies

July 18, 2013

E-Signature adoption is on the rise among life insurers. This according to an April 2013 survey by Celent that reported 74% of life companies are using some form of electronic signature in their dealings with customers and agents. This presentation will answer common e-signature questions, such as: For what applications are electronic signatures being used? What perceived or real obstacles are impeding adoption? And: What are the top requirements upon which to evaluate and select a solution?

Technology Priorities and Spending in the Life Insurance Industry

May 01, 2013

What is the outlook for technology investments and spending in the life and annuities industry? As the industry begins to emerge from the financial crisis, insurers are cautious, but many insurers are preparing for brighter days while they replace their portfolios and look for new opportunities. The market opportunities are there—30 percent of US households have no life insurance, and many people are not confident about their retirement savings. The challenge is for insurers to create innovative products and reach new market segments.

Customer Service: Is It Your Key Differentiator?

September 18, 2012

The Life and Annuity landscape is highly competitive and customer service has become a critical factor to differentiate from the competition. But are your core admin systems providing the agility you need to compete? In this webcast, learn how carriers can use modern rules technology to transform the way they service and retain their customers.

Unlocking High Performance with Policy Administration Transformation

July 14, 2011

Achieving growth in our changing industry depends on agile and effective policy administration processes. In this webinar, sponsored by Capgemini and Oracle Insurance, learn about the business and technology benefits of replacing legacy policy administration systems with modern, flexible platforms.

Managing Data Migrations

April 27, 2011

Join us for this free webinar, sponsored by MajescoMastek, to learn how to assess the cost and risks of data migration and how to get support with robust methodology and toolsets. It examines ways to enable complete visibility and control of the migration process—and how to enable migration with minimal impact to current operations.

Y It's Different: A New Generation of Life Insurance Buyers

April 30, 2012

Life changes like having children, getting married or buying a home make Gen Y the most likely generation group to buy insurance this year. They want flexibility, convenience, and options — like using credit cards instead of writing checks. What are they looking for when they shop for life insurance, and what factors influence their choices? In this webinar, sponsored by Visa, our speakers address these issues, take questions, and offer actionable insights.

Role of the New-Age Agile Policy Administration Systems for Changing Market Dynamics

February 09, 2011

In this webcast, sponsored by MajescoMastek, learn how agile technology can best meet the needs of the insurance business and how to build an agile technology backbone that will support your business in the years to come.