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How Societies Operate

  • LOMA Societies are affiliated with LOMA, yet operate independently.
  • A group of LOMA designees interested in forming a Society or interest group contacts LOMA.
  • LOMA may also assist to survey area interest, and, if interests warrant, form a new Society.
  • Each Society submits its bylaws to LOMA for approval; LOMA then sends the Society an official charter. Model bylaws and constitution are available in the Society Officers Resources page.
  • Each Society elects officers and a board to manage the Society.
  • Many Societies also have committees that handle specific functions, such as membership, programs, public relations, audit, and education.
  • These committees report to the Society’s board.
  • Each Society elects a representative to the LOMA Society Committee. The committee representative serves as the principal liaison between the Society and LOMA.
  • Unlike the other one-year board terms, the committee representative serves for three years in order to ensure continuity.
  • The LOMA Society Committee is a standing committee of LOMA; therefore, the committee representative must be an employee of a LOMA member company.
  • The Society Committee meets once a year to discuss policy issues faced by LOMA Societies.
  • It is responsible for advising LOMA on matters relating to the Societies, enabling LOMA to assist Societies wherever possible.

For practical guidelines for Society management and operation, download the LOMA Society Officers Manual or contact a member of the LOMA Society Committee.