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The LOMA Society Committee

The Societies' Voice at LOMA

The Society Committee is meets once a year to discuss policy issues faced by LOMA Societies. It's responsible for advising LOMA on matters relating to the Societies. Every LOMA Society elects a representative to the Society Committee; the committee members must be employees of a LOMA member company, and serve three-year terms to ensure continuity.

LOMA Society Committee Chair

Mark Bateman
LOMA Society of Central Illinois
Email: mark.bateman.fhyc@statefarm.com

LOMA Society Committee Vice-Chair

Marlon Fearon
LOMA Society of Greater New York
Email: marlon_fearon@swissre.com

LOMA Society Committee Members

Neil Alcorn
LOMA Society of Central Illinois
Email: neil.alcorn@countryfinancial.com

Barbara Beicker
LOMA Society of South Central Texas
Email: barbara.beicker@usaa.com

Thomas Bookout
LOMA Society of Kentucky
Email: tbookout@ihlic.com

Karl Boulianne
Société LOMA de Québec
Email: karl.boulianne@ia.ca

Joyce Davis
LOMA Society of Trinidad & Tobago
Email: jbpdavis@gmail.com or lomasociety@gmail.com

Erin Marshall
LOMA Society of Greater New York
Email: erin_marshall@swissre.com

Nick Moulakis
LOMA Society of Ohio
Email: moulakn@nationwide.com

Yvonne Rodriguez
LOMA Society of Waco
Email: yrodriguez@aatx.com

Mathew Rondinone
LOMA Society of the Greater Toronto Area
Email: mrondinone@foresters.com

Aaron Searle
LOMA Society of Utah
Email: aaron.searle@securitynational.com

Mazen Slim
LOMA Society of Montreal
Email: mazen_slim@manulife.com

Tristan Smith
LOMA Society of Waterloo
Email: tristan_smith@manulife.com

Katherine Stickler
LOMA Society of the Twin Cities
Email: katherine.stickler@securian.com

Trudy Waltman
LOMA Society of Nebraska
Email: trudy.waltman@nttdata.com