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The LOMA Society Committee

The Societies' Voice at LOMA

The Society Committee meets once a year to discuss policy issues faced by LOMA Societies. It's responsible for advising LOMA on matters relating to the Societies. The Committee is comprised of the Presidents of each LOMA Society; the committee members must be employees of a LOMA member company, and serve two-year terms to ensure continuity.

LOMA Society Committee Chair

Marlon Fearon
LOMA Society of Greater New York
Email: marlon_fearon@swissre.com

LOMA Society Committee Vice-Chair

Katherine Stickler
LOMA Society of the Twin Cities
Email: katherine.stickler@securian.com

LOMA Society Committee Members

Barbara Beicker
LOMA Society of South Central Texas
Email: barbara.beicker@usaa.com

Thomas Bookout
LOMA Society of Kentucky
Email: tbookout@ihlic.com

Joyce Davis
LOMA Society of Trinidad & Tobago
Email: jbpdavis@gmail.com or lomasociety@gmail.com

Cindy Faust
LOMA Society of Waco
Email: clfaust@ailife

Valérie Garant
Société LOMA de Québec
Email: vgarant@dsf.ca

Erin Marshall
LOMA Society of Greater New York
Email: erin_marshall@swissre.com

Scott McCubbins
LOMA Society of Central Illinois
Email: scott.mccubbins@countryfinancial.com

Nick Moulakis
LOMA Society of Ohio
Email: moulakn@nationwide.com

Mathew Rondinone
LOMA Society of the Greater Toronto Area
Email: mrondinone@foresters.com

Aaron Searle
LOMA Society of Utah
Email: aaron.searle@securitynational.com

Mazen Slim
LOMA Society of Montreal
Email: mazen_slim@manulife.com

Tristan Smith
LOMA Society of Waterloo
Email: tristan_smith@manulife.com

Trudy Waltman
LOMA Society of Nebraska
Email: trudy.waltman@nttdata.com