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Life Insurers Council Committees

Investment Committee

Engages quarterly to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges smaller companies face in managing their invested assets.

Laws and Legislation Committee

Examines legislation affecting the business of insurance, and promptly reports thereon from time to time to the officers and directors of the Conference. Each member of this committee should at all times be available for consoultation by the organization, its officers and the Board of Directors.

Membership Requirements:
Typically, members are legal counsels from member companies, both Life and Affiliate. All members are invited to send a representative, however.

Marketing Committee

Determines subjects proper for survey and study and by study and research collect and report to the President for the attention of the Board of Directors, information of value to the membership and the public. It shall also be the duty of this committee to make suggestions and recommendations as to programs with a view of mutual self-improvement. 

Membership Requirements:
Typically, members are Chief Marketing and Agency Officers from companies that use the Home Service distribution system.

Operations / Technology Committee

Promotes awareness of industry issues pertaining to distribution, administration, service and other areas of insurance company operations including compliance, technology and marketing with regard to insurance products developed and distributed to lower and middle-income consumers. Meets twice a year to share information regarding administrative procedures, corporate initiatives, and the technology required to execute and manage them.

Membership Requirements:
Typically, members are senior officers (some CEOs) responsible for the administration and/or operations of a Life insurance company that develops and distributes insurance products to lower and middle-income consumers.

For More Information

If you are employed by a LOMA member company and are interested in participating on an LIC Committee, contact the LIC at LOMA:

Phone: 770-984-3724
Fax: 770-984-3780
Email: lic@loma.org