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Education Committees

Course Review Committee

Consists of teams of subject matter experts who work with LOMA authors to develop and/or revise the content, teaching/learning materials and exams used in LOMA courses. Course Review Committee Members lend their expertise and experience in subject areas covered in a scheduled course and/or exam review. In so doing, these industry professionals ensure that LOMA course content and exams are current, accurate, applicable, and relevant to the industry.

LOMA Staff Liaison:
Janet Kean
Phone: 860-285-7728
Email: jkean@limra.com

Educational Administrative Committee

A committee of individuals who have been involved in marketing and administering LOMA education programs in their companies, usually as LOMA Education Representatives. Before adopting rules and regulations, LOMA asks the Administrative Committee to evaluate the proposals to see if they are practicable. Often the committee evaluates the objective and tells LOMA ways to improve proposals. The committee also provides ideas concerning the marketing and promotion of the FLMI and other LOMA Education and Training programs.

Membership Requirements:
Members should be seasoned Educational Representatives for companies that have strong levels of participation in LOMA education.

LOMA Staff Liaison:
Darius Webb
Phone: 770-984-3768

LOMA Society Officers

Are responsible for the management and operations of their local LOMA Society. The purpose of LOMA Societies is to:

  • Promote continuing professional education
  • Foster recognition of the FFSI and FLMI designation
  • Assist others in earning the FFSI and FLMI designation
  • Encourage professional, educational, and social relations among FFSIs and FLMIs, students, and other insurance professionals

Membership Requirements:
Be elected to office by members of their local LOMA Society. Most Societies require officers to be a LOMA Fellow or hold a LOMA Associate designation.

LOMA Staff Liaison:
Barbara Francis
Phone: 770-984-3741
Email: bfrancis@loma.org

Contact Us

If you are employed by a LOMA member company and are interested in participating on an Education Committee, send an email to us at education@loma.org.