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LIC Surveys and Benchmarks

Independently and also with the support of LIMRA research staff and member companies, LIC conducts systematic surveys and benchmark reports on topics that are of interest to our members. We have been tracking sales data for the Final Expense and Preneed markets for many years, and offer participating member companies the opportunity to include questions of interest to them.

LIC/CSG Actuarial Final Expense Survey 

The 2019 LIC/CSG Actuarial Final Expense Survey Report is available now (published July 2020). The pandemic made it difficult for some companies to participate, so the survey population is smaller than usual. Therefore, we are making both this year's and last year's reports available together for the price of one. The report is complimentary for LIC members, $850 for LIMRA/LOMA members, and $1,055 for nonmembers.

LIC Preneed Survey 

The 2019 LIC Preneed Survey Report is also available now (published July 2020). The Preneed Report is complimentary for LIC members, $440 for LIMRA/LOMA members, and $540 for nonmembers. For this year we are including the 2018 Report in the price; this also includes a Historical Data Summary covering 2007-2018.

LIC Smaller Company Fixed Annuity Survey

Although it’s true that the largest companies produce a significant percentage of fixed annuity sales, it’s also true that there are many smaller companies who actively market and sell these products. Yet industry annuity sales reports only reflect results from the largest carriers. This year LIC conducted a ground-breaking study of the companies smaller than $5B in assets that actively market annuities. Survey topics included 2019 sales and in-force by product type, annuity operations, interest crediting, conservation, and a COVID-19 supplement. The LIC Smaller Company Annuity Report will be available for sale in future years, but this inaugural report is available at no charge.

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