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LOMA 320 — Insurance Marketing

Marketing in the life insurance industry

LOMA 320 — 保险行销

LOMA 320从人寿、健康保险业的整体需要,介绍了市场的原理和市场的功能。

LOMA 320 — Mercadeo en la Industria del Seguro de Vida y Salud

Analiza los principios de mercadotecnia y las funciones de mercadeo como parte integral de la industria del seguro de vida y salud

LOMA 320 — 생명 및 건강보험 마케팅

생명 및 건강보험 산업의 필수요소인 마케팅 원칙과 마케팅 기능에 대해 살펴봅니다.

LOMA 320 — 保險行銷

LOMA 320從人壽、健康保險業的整體需要介紹了市場的原理和市場的功能。

LOMA 320 — Le marketing des assurances

LOMA 320 couvre les principes de marketing et les fonctions de marketing comme partie intégrante de l’industrie de l’assurance vie et maladie.

The Story of Us

Our dedication to creating valuable connections for our members and industry is the legacy of two powerful and storied service brands — LIMRA and LOMA — both founded in the early 20th century.