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Maintenance Schedule and Known Issues

Our new enhanced learning system is now ready for students and Ed Reps to access.

Known Issues

Below is a list of some of the known technical issues we are currently working to resolve — if the issue you are experiencing appears on this list, rest assured that we will have a solution in place as soon as possible. Check back often for status updates.

If the issue you are having does not appear on this list, we encourage you to contact us via phone or email.

Appearance of multiple ACS designation completionsLOMA’s policy is to recognize and provide a printed certificate only for the first track of the ACS designation that a learner completes. However, if a learner later completes the coursework for a different ACS track, it will appear on the “Awards” report in Ed Rep Tools that the learner has earned the ACS designation again.We recommend that Ed Reps review learner transcripts carefully before awarding a bonus for completing the ACS designation, particularly if your organization awards a bonus only for the first track of the ACS completed. The learner’s transcript will show a completion date and/or progress towards completion for any of the available ACS tracks.This is not a system issue — it is included here for added awareness.
Errors in student transcriptsSome details about progress within courses, course completion, and grades did not migrate correctly from LOMANET into the new system. We are working on data cleanup, though it may take some time to resolve every issue.We still have access to complete course progress and completion data for every student—the data is not lost, and is being corrected in the new system on a case-by-case basis. If your student data is incorrect or incomplete, please email learning@loma.org. We will work with you to correct the data in the new system.In progress
Ed Rep reporting not workingEd Reps can now run all reports using the Ed Rep Tools utility. Learn more at Now available!