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LOMA’s e-books include text-based content with interactive and multi-media features. Practice and review questions, videos, and other interactive features are integrated in the e-book content. This creates a more dynamic, engaging way to learn important topics.

The content downloaded to the e-reader will be available indefinitely. Features that are accessible only through the course portal (sample exam, end-of-module exams, etc.) will no longer be available after the 6-month enrollment period.

What devices can be used to access the e-book?

Learners can access the e-book materials using a computer, tablet, or smart phone. For the best learning experience, you will need to download an e-reader. We recommend the Kotobee e-reader. It’s free to download, and instructions for use are provided on the course portal. The e-book is also accessible using iBooks.

A PDF version of the course materials is also available for those who choose not to use an e-reader. All features of the course (such as review questions and interactive features) are available to learners using a PDF; they can access those features through the course portal.

Is it safe to download the Kotobee e-reader?

LOMA has taken every precaution to ensure that the Kotobee e-reader is safe for download. However, please refer to your company’s policies before downloading any software on company-issued devices.

If your company does have restrictions on downloading this type of software on company devices, you'll need to contact your IT department to get approval before downloading an e-reader on a company-owned device.

If learners don’t want to download the Kotobee e-reader, can they access the e-book via Kindle or apps made for mobile phones?

The complete range of interactive features is available using the Kotobee reader or iBooks. However, these additional features are not available on Kindle.