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Interactive Study Aids

Requirements and Instructions

ISA Requirements

Microsoft Windows 98 or later

The ISA is a Windows-based program that requires Microsoft Windows 98 or higher as your PC’s operating system.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 run-time files

The ISA was written in Microsoft’s Visual Basic 6 programming language. It therefore requires the Visual Basic 6 run-time files.

Most modern computers (including those running Windows XP and Windows Vista) probably already have these files installed. One way you can determine if your computer already has these files is to simply try running the ISA. If you get an error message that MSVBVM60.DLL was not found, then the run-time files are not installed. If you have trouble running the ISA and the run-time files are not installed on your PC, you should download them from www.microsoft.com (search for vbrun60sp6.exe) and install them.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

Although the ISA does not require an Internet connection, it does use web browser technology that is only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer. It will not work with browsers other than IE. Version 5.5 or higher of Internet Explorer is required.

Javascript (active scripting) enabled in Internet Explorer

The ISA uses JavaScript, which is a technology that permits interactive commands within an HTML page. If Javascript is not enabled, you will not be able to view the answer choice explanations included in the ISA.

Additional recommended settings for your PC include:

A screen resolution of at least 800×600, but 1024×768 or higher is better

You will still be able to use the software at smaller display resolutions, but you will likely have to do considerably more scrolling of pages.

A screen color depth of 16-bit ("high color") or better

Because the ISA uses high-color graphic elements, a high-color (16-bit) or true-color (24-bit or 32-bit) setting is recommended for your monitor’s color depth. At lower color depths, the appearance of graphics in the ISA will be degraded.

ISA Instructions

Stopping in the middle of a study session

If you need to stop in the middle of a study session but want to save your progress so that you can return to it later, you can use the Save option on the File menu on the Question Display screen.

  • When you save a study session to a file, the Interactive Study Aid stores the pertinent information it needs in a small file with a .TST extension. When you open a .TST file, the Interactive Study Aid will read the information stored in the file and restore the session to the point at which you saved it.
Saving your progress

To save the current session to a .TST file, choose Save from the File menu in the Question Display window. The Save As dialog box will appear. Select the drive and/or directory where you want to store the file, then enter a name in the "File Name" box, and click the OK button.

Restarting from a saved session

To open a .TST file into which you’ve saved a previous session, click the Restart button on the Main Menu. The Open dialog box will appear. Select the drive and/or directory where the .TST file is located. Select the name of the .TST file you want to open, so that the name is displayed in the "File Name" box. Press the OK button. The software will read in the data from the file and will display a message on the screen detailing information about the restart, such as:

Restarting Practice Questions
Text: J&S
Chapter: 7
Questions Completed: 4 of 9
Current Question: 4

Click OK on that message to resume your study session.