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LOMA Examination Rules

Exam Administration Standards

LOMA has established examination administration standards to guarantee the integrity of the examinations and examination procedures. Educational Representatives, proctors, and students must be aware of these standards and must understand that any violation of these standards endangers the respect afforded the designations. The appropriate committees of LOMA and its Education & Training Council continually review these standards, policies, and practices.

If a violation of examination administration standards is apparent or suspected, the procedure that ensures the proper investigation and handling of such violations is the Due Process Policy.

Room Conditions

  • Students must be adequately spaced from each other so they cannot see each other’s answers.
  • A clock should be visible on the wall or on the computer.
  • Lighting must be strong enough to operate a LOMA Calculator.
  • The temperature of the room should be comfortable.
  • The room should be quiet and out of range of any telephones ringing and other noises.
  • The testing area should be away from others continuously walking by.
  • Students must be in view of the proctor at all times.

Exam Procedures and Regulations

The following procedures apply to the administration of paper, I*STAR, and Prometric examinations:

  • All paper exams must be taken according to LOMA's Paper Exam Schedule.
  • Plan to arrive at the exam site 30 minutes before your exam begins. You may be required to furnish photo ID when taking an exam. If you arrive after the scheduled starting time for your paper exam, the exam may not be accepted by LOMA for grading.
  • The "Official Exam/Proctor Instructions" mailed along with examinations to all paper exam proctors must be followed.
  • Learners may not consult, discuss, review, or in any way use anyone else's answers or accept unauthorized assistance during the examination. Please note that LOMA uses specially designed software to detect possible cheating on LOMA exams.
  • During the exam, learners may not have in their possession any outside materials including, but not limited to: notes, textbooks, tables, charts, graphs, cell phones, pagers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), or digital media players, e.g. iPods.
  • Only blank scratch paper, a #2 pencil, and a basic four-function calculator (with no internet access or other special features) may be taken into the exam room.
  • Additional procedures, regulations and information are posted in the Professional Development and Ed Rep sections of the LOMA website.
  • Paper exam booklets must be returned to the proctors after the exam. The booklets will not be returned to students.

Online/Self-Proctored Examination Administration Standards

  • Only the student enrolled in the course may take the exam.
  • Students may not improperly acquire or share knowledge of the contents of an exam.
  • Students may not use outside sources including, but not limited to, study, reference, or other unauthorized materials, or any digital or mobile devices during an exam, other than the device on which the student is taking the exam.
  • Students may not submit any work or test that has been prepared totally or in part by another person.
  • Report any suspected cheating or exam violations to LOMA’s Office of the Registrar immediately.