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Paper Exams

Enrolling for the Exam

Paper exams are typically offered in May and/or November. The Paper Exam Schedule indicates the exam dates and times. See the Registrar's Calendar or download the Education Catalog for LOMA's official enrollment deadlines for paper exams. Please note, your company's enrollment deadlines may be earlier than LOMA's official enrollment deadlines.

Keep in mind that you cannot enroll for an exam scheduled on a day your company will be closed, e.g., a national or company holiday for more than one exam scheduled on the same day at the same time. LOMA does not limit the number of exams you may take in each testing period. You are the best person to determine the number of exams you can prepare for in one cycle.

Paper Exam Enrollment Deadlines

Enrollments made by authorized member company students, independent students, and Ed Reps must meet the official LOMA deadlines to avoid additional fees.

Enrollments, Fees and Cancellations

  • Enrollments may not be canceled for any reason after the official enrollment deadline.
  • Fees are nontransferable between students or between courses.
  • Switching courses without paying for the new course is prohibited. Credits and/or refunds will not be given for the course for which you initially enrolled.

Independent Students

If you don't have an Ed Rep, click below to learn more about courses and paper exams for independent students.

As an independent student, you'll need to take your exam at a LOMA Third Party Exam Center if there is one in your area or designate a proctor — someone at your company who's in a supervisory position to you.

Extending Access for Designation Courses

If you have not completed your designation program’s online course requirements or proctored examination requirements by the end of the course’s six-month access period shown in your student record, you may re-enroll to extend your course access for an additional six-month period.

For highly-interactive online courses, re-enrolling allows you to retain your progress in the course, as long as the course’s materials have not been substantially revised since your original enrollment date.

For Course Portal courses, re-enrolling extends your access to the Course Portal and allows you to select a new proctored exam date, as long as you have not already taken the proctored exam for the course.

Course extensions can also be used to

  • Change the language of the proctored exam for which you are enrolled.
  • Change the type of proctored exam enrollment between paper and I*STAR.

The cost for re-enrolling varies, depending upon when you re-enroll.

  • If you re-enroll within one month of the end of your original course access period, you qualify for a discounted course extension price of $55. The discounted price will automatically be reflected in your Shopping Cart when you re-enroll via LOMA’s learning system.
  • After the expiration of the one month discount period, you may re-enroll at the course’s full price. This full price will automatically be reflected in your Shopping Cart when you re-enroll via LOMA’s learning system.

Regrading Paper Exams

If a student disputes a grade, the Ed Rep can request a re-grade of the exam. Requests for a re-grade must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Registrar within three months of the exam date, and must be accompanied by a check or credit card payment of $50 per exam. This fee will cover the time and effort to locate the student’s answer sheet and manually re-grade it. If LOMA has made an error in the grading process, the grade will be changed and the re-grade fee will be refunded. Because of the accuracy of LOMA’s grading procedures, it is very rare that a manual re-grade reveals a discrepancy in the grading. LOMA will not release the answers to any exam questions.

Exam Procedures and Regulations

The following procedures apply to the administration of paper and I*STAR examinations:

  • All paper exams must be taken according to LOMA's Paper Exam Schedule.
  • Plan to arrive at the exam site 30 minutes before your exam begins. You may be required to furnish photo ID when taking an exam. If you arrive after the scheduled starting time for your paper exam, the exam may not be accepted by LOMA for grading.
  • The "Official Exam/Proctor Instructions" mailed along with examinations to all paper exam proctors must be followed.
  • Learners may not consult, discuss, review, or in any way use anyone else's answers or accept unauthorized assistance during the examination. Please note that LOMA uses specially designed software to detect possible cheating on LOMA exams.
  • During the exam, learners may not have in their possession any outside materials including, but not limited to: notes, textbooks, tables, charts, graphs, computers, computer tablets, cell phones, pagers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), or digital media players, e.g. iPods.
  • Only blank scratch paper, a #2 pencil, and a basic four-function calculator (with no internet access or other special features) may be taken into the exam room.
  • Additional procedures, regulations and information are posted in the Professional Development and Ed Rep sections of the LOMA website.
  • Paper exam booklets must be returned to the proctors after the exam. The booklets will not be returned to students.

Grades for Proctored Exams

The minimum passing score on proctored examinations (I*STAR or paper) for Course Portal courses is 70 percent. Scores below 70 are listed only as F+ (within 10 points of passing) or F. Your numeric grade will be sent to you via email. Your grade email will also contain a chapter-by-chapter analysis of your performance on the proctored examination. Save or print this report for your records. Note that this Performance Analysis Report is sent to students, but not to Ed Reps.