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Grades for Online Designation Courses

LOMA’s highly interactive online format professional designation courses include several short, non-proctored, end-of-module examinations, which are integrated into the course content as part of the learning experience. No separate exam enrollment is required. While these exam components are delivered in a non-proctored environment, system controls prevent learners from accessing the course materials while taking the exam components.

In order to receive credit for these courses, you must successfully complete all examination components built into the course during the course access period. Successful completion of a highly interactive online course requires a minimum passing score of 70 percent on each end-of-module exam. When you successfully complete all end-of-module exams for your course, the course status in your Learning History in LOMA’s learning system will show as COMPLETED.

Grades for Proctored Exams

The minimum passing score on proctored examinations (I*STAR or paper) for Course Portal courses is 70 percent. Scores below 70 are listed only as F+ (within 10 points of passing) or F. Your numeric grade will be sent to you via email. Your grade email will also contain a chapter-by-chapter analysis of your performance on the proctored examination. Save or print this report for your records. Note that this Performance Analysis Report is sent to students, but not to Ed Reps.

Short Online Courses

Many short online courses include a scored test integrated within the course. In most cases, a minimum passing score of 70 percent is required to successfully complete the course. You can take the exam for an online course as many times as desired during the course access period. The grade reflected on the Learning History page in your LOMA learning record will reflect the highest score of all exam attempts during the course access period.