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Exam Formats

You've enrolled in your LOMA course and have learned the content...now it's time to take the exam! There are a variety of exam formats available depending on which type of course you are enrolled in.

Paper Exams

Paper exams are typically offered in May and/or November. The Paper Exam Schedule indicates the exam dates and times. See the Registrar's Calendar or download the Education Catalog for LOMA's official enrollment deadlines for paper exams. Please note, your company's enrollment deadlines may be earlier than LOMA's official enrollment deadlines.

I*STAR Exams

I*STAR (Individually Scheduled Test and Results) is LOMA's Internet-based system for providing computerized exams. I*STAR testing is available to students at companies that have installed this testing system. Advantages of I*STAR include the convenience and flexibility of year-round testing, as well as immediate online grade reporting.

Exams for Online Designation Courses

LOMA’s highly interactive online designation courses include a series of short, end-of-module tests which are integrated within the course as part of the learning experience. No separate exam enrollment required! While these components are delivered in a non-proctored environment, system controls prevent learners from accessing the course materials while answering exam questions.

Exams Options for e-Book Courses

Our e-book courses offer a choice of two testing formats: A traditional, proctored I*STAR exam, or a series of self-proctored, modular exams given through the Course Portal. The self-proctored option for these Fellowship-level courses has more restrictive pass/fail requirements than do the exams within the Associate-level, highly interactive online courses.