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Independent Student Enrollments

What is an Independent Student?

An Independent Student is one who enrolls for examinations directly with LOMA, and not through a company's Educational Representative.

What courses and exams can Independent Students enroll in?

Independent students are eligible to enroll in all LOMA course types and exam formats, including:

  • Short Online Courses and Course Collections
    Featuring online content, quizzes, and knowledge checks
  • Highly Interactive Online Designation Courses
    Featuring online content and modularized self-proctored exams integrated within the course
  • Course Portal Designation Courses
    Featuring textbooks and proctored end-of-course exams
What fees apply to Independent Students?

Independent Students must pay fees in full at the time of enrollment. While most pay nonmember fees, independent students may be eligible to pay member fees if they are:

  • Employees of a governmental agency, such as an insurance regulatory authority, the Social Security Administration, or the Department of Education
  • Employees of an intergovernmental organization, such as the United Nations
  • Full-time students or full-time teachers at accredited colleges and universities
  • Members of the trade press working for widely recognized industry publications

See the Education & Training Catalog for the fee schedule. If you believe you qualify for member rates, please contact:

Course and Exam Formats

Short Online Courses and Course Collections

LOMA’s e-learning library features a vast array of short (under 1 hour) online courses and collections on various topics relating to insurance and financial services. Reinforce your understanding of the content through activities and demonstrations. Measure your learning quickly and effectively with online quizzes and knowledge checks that provide instant feedback to keep you on track.

Highly Interactive Online Designation Courses

LOMA's popular online interactive courses teach important industry concepts through an engaging, highly interactive, multi-media approach that often includes integrated video, audio and scenario-based learning. Online interactive courses are designation courses with integrated exams — the modularized examinations are built right into the course as part of the learning experience. No separate exam enrollment is required.

Course Portal Designation Courses

Course Portal designation courses blend a traditional textbook-based study experience with interactive practice questions, sample exam, and other review tools, all housed in a dedicated mini website, or course portal. Enrollments include online access to study materials and printable PDFs of the text; printed, bound textbooks are available for some English-language designation courses (at an additional cost).

When enrolling in a Course Portal course, you select your preferred exam format.

I*STAR (Individually Scheduled Test and Results), LOMA's Internet-based system for providing computerized exams, available at sites that have installed this testing system. I*STAR offers convenience and flexibility of year-round testing, as well as immediate online grade reporting. Independent students can take I*STAR exams at an approved LOMA Third-Party Exam Center.

Paper – Paper exams are given on specified dates during the year, as shown in the Paper Exam Schedule. There are also specific enrollment deadlines for paper exams, as shown on theRegistrar’s Calendar. Independent students can take paper exams at an approved LOMA Third-Party Exam Center. If no Third-Party Exam Center is available, you may designate a private proctor — someone at your company who is in a supervisory position to you.

Directory of Third-Party Exam Centers — Paper

Enrolling as an Independent Student

To Enroll Online

Online enrollments are handled in our learning system — learning.loma.org. As an independent student, you can enroll online if:

You are paying with a credit card, and

You do not qualify for Member pricing, and

You plan to use a Prometric or LOMA Third Party Exam Center (rather than a private proctor) for any proctored exam requirements

To enroll online,go toLOMA’s learning system, and follow these step-by-step instructions:

If you have never enrolled in a LOMA exam, click Create Account. Leave the Organizational Number blank, but complete the other fields to create an account.

If you have enrolled in a LOMA exam recently, login with your Student ID and password. Use “Forgot Your Login ID” and “Forgot Your Password” if you have forgotten either.

If you have not enrolled for a LOMA exam recently, contacteducation@loma.org so your record can be transferred to the learning system.

Once you have logged in, please update all of your user information (name, address, phone, email, etc.).

Select your course(s):

Click on the Learning Catalog tab.

Search for your course by course name, course number, course type, or language.

In the search results, click on the course title to view the full description.

Select the exam delivery format and preferred language for your enrollment.

Click Add to Cart.

NOTE: If you are using online enrollment to enroll in a course with a proctored exam requirement (I*STAR or Paper exam), you must specify the Third-Party Exam Center where you will take your exam. Click the box to Include Third-Party Exam Sites, and click Search. Select the site for your exam and then click Save. (If you plan to designate a private proctor, follow the instructions to enroll by mail.)

Repeat these steps to enroll for multiple courses.

When finished, click the Shopping Cart at the top of the page to purchase your course(s).

Complete your enrollment:

  • Confirm your billing address and click Save.
  • Review your order, then click Check Out.
  • Enter your credit card information and click Next.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the box. Then click Buy Now.
  • Print your receipt for your records.

To Enroll by Mail (Paper Exams Only)

Step 1: Fill in Independent Student Transmittal Form

Download the form

Please complete all sections, or your enrollment will not be processed.

Note for Section C: List a Third-Party Exam Center code from the Third-Party Exam Center Directory if you wish to take your exams at a LOMA Exam Center. If there is no Third-Party Exam Center near you, you may designate a private proctor — someone in a supervisory position to you. If you are using a private proctor, provide the name and address of the proctor in Section C.

Note for Section D: Independent Student (nonmember) exam fees are listed in the Education and Training Catalog. (Fees for students outside the U.S. and Canada may be different. Contact the Office of the Registrar for more details.)

Step 2: Mail in the form and your payment

Send your completed Independent Student Transmittal Form and full payment (check, money order, or credit card information) to:

LOMA Enrollments
Office of the Registrar
6190 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30339

Forms submitted after the Paper Enrollment Form deadline shown in the Registrar’s Calendar must include a late enrollment fee of $125.

We strongly recommend using a trackable shipping method. LOMA is not responsible for lost enrollments. We will not accept faxed enrollments.

For questions or additional information, please contact us:

800-ASK-LOMA, option 1
or 770-984-3761
Email: education@loma.org

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