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Academic Credit Recommendations


  • Academic credit recommendations are subject to change without notice.
  • Parts/courses offered in previous years may sometimes be used to receive college credit under their original names based on their course descriptions. Contact the National College Credit Recommendation Service (National CCRS) for a complete course/suggested credit listing.

For more information on evaluations, contact the National College Credit Recommendation Service.

National College Credit Recommendation Service
(National CCRS)
USNY, Regents Research Fund
89 Washington Avenue, Education Building
Room 25
Albany, NY 12234

Phone: 518-486-2070
Email: nccrs@mail.nysed.gov
Website: www.nationalccrs.org

Recommended Semester Hours, Degree Levels, and Subject Areas

Degree Category Key
Suggested Level
LDLower Division Baccalaureate / Associate Degree
UDUpper Division Baccalaureate
Course NumberCourse TitleSemester HoursDegreeSubject Areas
LOMA 280Principles of Insurance2LDBusiness, Insurance, or as General Elective
LOMA 281Meeting Customer Needs with Insurance and Annuities2LDBusiness, Insurance, or as General Elective
LOMA 286Principles of Financial Services and Products3LDFinancial Services
LOMA 290Insurance Company Operations3LDBusiness, Insurance, or as General Elective
LOMA 291Improving the Bottom Line: Insurance Company Operations3LDBusiness, Finance, Insurance, or as General Elective
LOMA 301Insurance Administration3LDInsurance
LOMA 302The Policy Lifecycle: Insurance Administration3LDInsurance
LOMA 305Personal Financial Planning3UDFinancial Services
LOMA 307Business and Financial Concepts for Insurance Professionals3LD/UDBusiness, Finance, Insurance, or as General Elective
LOMA 308The Business of Insurance — Applying Financial Concepts 3LD/UDBusiness, Finance, Insurance, or as General Elective
LOMA 311Business Law for Financial Services Professionals3UDInsurance, Financial Services
LOMA 316Business Law for Financial Services Professionals — Canada3UDInsurance, Financial Services
LOMA 320Insurance Marketing3UDBusiness, Marketing, or Insurance
LOMA 321Marketing in Financial Services3LD/UDBusiness administration, Marketing
LOMA 326Financial Services Marketing3UDMarketing in a Business Curriculum
LOMA 330Management Principles and Practices3LD/UDGeneral Management
LOMA 335Operational Excellence in Financial Services 3UDBusiness, Insurance, or as General Elective
LOMA 351Financial Services Environment3UDFinance
LOMA 356Investment Principles and Institutional Investing 3UDFinancial Services
LOMA 357Institutional Investing: Principles and Practices3LD/UDBusiness administration, finance
LOMA 361Accounting and Financial Reporting in Life Insurance Companies3UDFinancial Accounting or as Survey of Accounting for Non-Accounting Majors
LOMA 371Risk Management and Product Design for Insurance Companies3UDFinance, Insurance
LOMA 380Financial Services and Products for Organizations3UDBusiness Administration
ACS 100Foundations of Customer Service3LDBusiness Administration, Professional Sales, Marketing
ACS 101Customer Service for Insurance Professionals2LDBusiness administration
SRI 111Retirement Marketplace3LD/UDBusiness Administration
SRI 121Retirement Savings and Investments3LD/UDBusiness Administration
SRI 131Planning for a Secure Retirement3LD/UDBusiness Administration
SRI 210Successful Retirement Outcomes3LD/UDBusiness Administration
SRI 220Retirement Marketing and Business Acquisition3LD/UDBusiness Administration
SRI 230Retirement Administration3LD/UDBusiness Administration
SRI 500Transforming Retirement Security3LD/UDBusiness Administration
PCS 391Customer Behavior: Consumer Behavior and Beyond3UDMarketing
PCS 392Customer Contacts: Strategies and Operations2LD/UDBusiness Administration
PCS 393Customer Relationship Management2LD/UDBusiness Administration
AIAA 200Agency Administration3LD/UDOffice Management, Administrative Office Systems
UND 386Underwriting Life and Health Insurance3LD/UDBusiness Administration, Insurance
AIAF 400Statutory Accounting for Life and Health Insurers3UDInsurance, Accounting, Business Administration
AIRC 410Regulatory Compliance: Companies, Producers, and Operations2UDInsurance
AIRC 411The Regulatory Environment for Life Insurance3UDBusiness Administration, Insurance
AIRC 420Regulatory Compliance: Insurance and Annuity Products2UDInsurance
AIRC 421Regulation of Life Insurance Products, Sales, and Operations3UDBusiness Administration, Insurance
AAPA 273Annuity Principles and Products1UDInsurance, Business Administration
AAPA 283Marketing, Distribution, and Uses of Annuities1UDInsurance, Business Administration
AAPA 303Annuity Systems and Administration1UDInsurance, Business Administration
AAPA 313Financial Aspects of Annuities2UDInsurance, Business Administration
AAPA 323Regulation and Taxation of Annuities1UDInsurance, Business Administration
ARA 440Reinsurance Administration2UDInsurance, Business Administration