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Academic Credit

Credit Toward Academic Degrees for LOMA Courses

The National College Credit Recommendation Service (National CCRS) has evaluated all LOMA courses to make them comparable to college semester hours. Many colleges and universities use this information from National CCRS to help them determine the number of hours to give for a LOMA course. LOMA sends the National CCRS evaluation summary with all transcript requests for academic credit.

Some colleges and universities grant credit for LOMA courses. Please note that these institutions may or may not grant credit to students in the future. Additionally, institutions that do not appear on this list may grant credit as well. Students should check with their college or university to find out if they will grant credit for LOMA courses. Students interested in receiving credit for LOMA courses should meet with their advisor to discuss this possibility and then request an official “Professional Education Transcript” as needed.

Over 350 post-secondary educational institutions in the United States, Canada, and other countries have in the past granted thousands of learners credit for the LOMA courses they have successfully completed.

Credit acceptance is not limited to these listed colleges and universities, nor is credit guaranteed at these institutions. Each educational institution grants credit at its own discretion based on its current curriculum and policies.

A learner who would like academic credit to be granted for LOMA courses should notify the appropriate school official and apply for credit at the time of formal application for admission to or for further study at the institution. The student should also request an official transcript from LOMA.

Special University Relationships

Capella University

LOMA students are eligible to receive a 5 percent tuition discount for online courses through Capella University. In addition, Capella University grants college credit for successful completion of many of LOMA’s courses.

Conestoga College

Conestoga College is offering the Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) courses in a traditional classroom setting, starting with LOMA 280 in September 2014. Completing all 10 LOMA courses, plus additional courses required by the college, will earn you the FLMI designation and the college’s Diploma in Insurance — Life (Co-op). For more information:

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University grants credits to FLMIs toward its MBA-Financial Services/Insurance degree for up to 25% of the course requirements. To learn more about this program, offered by one of Canada’s most prestigious tier-one schools,

Excelsior College

Excelsior College offers a Bachelor of Science Business degree with a concentration in Risk Management & Insurance which can be earned predominately at a distance. Students are required to take the Excelsior College capstone course, BUS 495, Business Strategy. For that program’s life insurance track, Excelsior accepts LOMA courses for up to 38 out of 120 required credits. If you have your FLMI and taken LOMA 311, you’ve already satisfied one-half of the business course requirements. Additional LOMA courses will satisfy 14 of required 15 credits in applied professional/free electives.

Laval University

Students at Laval University in Quebec who sign up for the Certificate of Administration program (Programme de Certificat de Premier Cycle en Administration) may receive up to 12 credits if they have taken as many as four of the following LOMA courses: LOMA 311/316,* LOMA 320, LOMA 330, and LOMA 356. Students with 12 credit hours from LOMA will need only 18 additional credits to complete the Certificate program. For more information,

Seneca College

Seneca College offers a Bachelor of Commerce—Financial Services Management degree with a portion of the coursework based on LOMA materials. For details,