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Designation Course Delivery Formats

Comparing highly interactive online courses and online course portals

LOMA’s designation program courses are delivered in one of two ways — as highly interactive online courses or as online course portals — and some LOMA courses offer you the choice! This table helps to explain the features of each delivery format.

 Delivery Format
FeatureHighly Interactive Online CourseOnline Course Portal
Course delivery
  • Course content is delivered completely online
  • Engaging multi-media delivery that may include video scenarios, role plays, and expert interviews
  • Features multi-media learning in an appealing conversational tone
  • Skills practice and feedback to reinforce the learning, prepare student for the end-of-module tests, and apply to their every day jobs
  • Lessons can be completed in short segments of about 1 hour each
  • Requires internet connection to access the course
  • Study materials are delivered via an online course portal
  • Portal includes a variety of printable and online resources
  • Blends the more traditional textbook-based study experience with multi-media and other online features to enhance the learning experience
  • Some materials can be downloaded to the learner’s computer for access without an internet connection
  • Some courses also offer professionally-printed and bound materials, which may be purchased separately
Exam format
  • Non-proctored exams included at the end of each module
  • System controls prohibit access to course content while taking the test
  • Exams delivered in a proctored exam environment
  • Available electronically or on paper
  • Total of 60 exam questions for the course, spread across all end-of-module tests
  • One final, 2-hour exam with a total of 60 questions, covering the entire textbook
  • Exam results are available immediately
  • If electronic, exam results are available immediately
  • Learner can repeat exams until passing score (70%) is achieved, which reinforces learning
  • Learners can re-enroll to repeat the course if passing score (70%) is not achieved the first time.
  • Course enrollment fee includes all study materials and examination
  • Course enrollment fee includes all study materials and examination