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Our courses are offered in a variety of delivery formats.

Online Designation Courses

LOMA's popular highly interactive online courses teach important industry concepts through an engaging, highly interactive, multi-media approach that often includes integrated video, audio and scenario-based learning.

Course Portals with Traditional Textbooks

These Course Portals are designation courses designed to appeal to a variety of learning styles by blending the more traditional textbook study experience with several new online and multi-media features.

Course Portals with Interactive e-Books

Course Portals with e-books are Fellowship-level designation courses where the animation and interactivity is available within the textbook. These courses offer more flexible exam formats, as well—you choose between a proctored, I*STAR exam option and a self-proctored exam option delivered through the Course Portal.

Short Online Courses

LOMA offers a number of online courses that can be completed in an hour, as well as collections on life insurance, annuities, customer service, and sales support. These collections contain four to six short online courses on related topics. They provide an excellent way to get new employees up to speed quickly, educate employees new to an area, and refresh the knowledge of seasoned employees.

Instructor-Led Courses

Several of our courses are offered in a classroom setting. Led by a skilled facilitator and expert instructors, these sessions are delivered either in person or via our Virtual Classroom format. The Virtual Classroom format uses web-conferencing technology, featuring communication tools and virtual breakout rooms so participants can interact frequently with each other and the session leaders.

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