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Printable Awards

A Notice of Completion is available for any course you successfully complete. This printable notice is accessible from the Learning History page in your LOMA learning record.

For short online course collections, a Certificate of Completion is also available upon completion of all courses within the collection. This printable certificate is accessible from the Learning History page in your LOMA learning record.

Printed Certificates and Diplomas

LOMA provides personalized certificates and diplomas to learners automatically upon completion of the appropriate levels of LOMA education programs.

A certificate for successful completion of

A diploma for completing

  • any Associate designation
  • any Professional designation
  • any Fellow designation

Names appear on awards as they are listed on LOMA student records and do not include other designations or titles. All certificates and diplomas will state the month and year in which the student passed the final exam to earn the designation.

Awards earned each month are printed and mailed to company Ed Reps or directly to Independent Students. (Awards for the November paper examinations are sent in February and in August for the May paper exams.) LOMA cannot be responsible for lost awards in the event a student has moved and not updated the mailing address in LOMA’s learning system.

Awards arrive approximately 10 weeks after the last course is posted in your Learning History. Designation credentials may be used immediately upon successfully completing program requirements.

How do I order a replacement designation award?

To order a replacement designation award, complete the form below and fax or mail it with payment to LOMA. The replacement award will be printed with the other awards earned that month and will arrive six to eight weeks after the end of the month for which it was requested.

What language will my award be in?

ALMI and FLMI Level I Certificates

Learners who complete Level I of the ALMI and FLMI Programs in English, French or Spanish will receive a certificate in that language. Certificates for students who participate in other language programs will be printed in English.

ACS Awards

Learners who complete the ACS program in English, French or Spanish will receive a diploma in that language.

Other Awards

Learners who complete all other designations will receive a diploma in English, except the PFSL and LCIC diplomas will be in Spanish and the PFLP diploma will be in Portuguese.