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LIC Project Management Committee Conference Call

February 24, 2021
Via Webex, 2-3:30pm Eastern

The LIC Project Management Committee Conference Call provides an opportunity to develop business relationships and share ideas with fellow project management executives at small life companies and fraternals. Participants select the most relevant discussion and presentation topics, including:

  • What software solutions are companies using to manage projects successfully? What features do you find valuable?
  • Do you have a specific project life cycle you follow when managing projects? Is the process different for big projects vs. small projects?
  • Who is responsible for project management in your company (I.T., PMO, or other)?
  • How do you manage projects when there are few or even no dedicated project managers on staff?
  • How are you handling project management while working remotely due to COVID?
  • How do you prioritize your projects (value/cost/benefit, as directed by senior management, a designated PMO/committee meets and determines priority, whoever pushes their project the hardest, etc.)?
  • Does anyone have any helpful PM tips or lessons learned that can be shared with the group?
  • Can someone share a case study on a successful project that might help others improve their PM process? 

The meeting will be held online via Webex; instructions will be included in the confirmation email when you sign up. For tips see www.loma.org/webex

The meeting is open to insurance company executives, with a discounted registration fee for LIC members. Affiliate Members/Vendors pay a sponsorship fee in order to attend. Find out about LIC sponsorship opportunities.


Email: lic@loma.org

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