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2019 Financial Inforum

Next Generation Finance: Digital and Beyond

May 6, 2019 – May 8, 2019
Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach, Clearwater Beach, FL

MONDAY, MAY 6, 2019

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The Future of the Insurance Industry: A 2025 Technology Outlook

TODD PICKEN, Corporate Vice President and Treasurer, MassMutual; TOM SCALES, Head of Americas - Life, Annuity, and Health, Celent; Moderator: SERGE BOCCASSINI, Global Product and Market Development, Northern Trust

The insurance industry is undergoing rapid change through innovation and advancements in technology. Investments in Insurtech and Fintech is on the rise. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and robotics have rocked our industry, and created more opportunities for organizations and their clients. Effectively managing the execution and integration of these technologies is paramount to stay competitive with peers and recruit and retain the workforce needed to manage this evolution. Join this panel of industry experts as they discuss what is on the horizon in this disruptive environment and how you can navigate the future.

4:00 pm - 4:15 pm


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4:15 pm - 5:15 pm


Robotics Process Automation: Uses, Myths, Challenges and Benefits

SAMANTHA CHOW, Senior Life and Annuity Analyst, Aite Group; ERIC GREENSTEIN, Corporate Vice President - Finance, New York Life; JASON PANDOLFO, Vice President - Global Investment Finance, MetLife 

Life and health insurance carriers around the world struggle to recognize RPA as an opportunity to be more operationally efficient and scalable, reduce operating costs, enhance skill sets, and grow the business without increasing headcount. But when RPA is combined with human intelligence, employees can add the value that they were hired to provide, creating a better customer and employee experience, which every life and health insurance carrier is striving for. This session will speak about the value of RPA, uncover the myths associated with RPA, and outline several use cases in the business lines and in Finance, including challenges and final outcomes. 

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


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This event is open to all registered conference attendees and registered conference guests at no additional cost.
TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2019

7:00 am - 8:00 am


8:00 am - 9:45 am


The “Virtualization” of America – and the World

Michael Rogers, MSNBC’s ‘The Practical Futurist’ and Technology Expert
Michael is a best-selling author, technology pioneer, and futurist, who most recently served as futurist-in-residence for The New York Times. He has worked with companies ranging from FedEx, Boeing, and NBC Universal to Microsoft, Pfizer, and Siemens, focusing on how companies can think about the future in useful ways.

This eye-opening keynote will focus on how virtual relationships, intelligent computers, and the Internet of Things will advance the financial services industry, the global economy, and the way we conduct business. If you think that’s already happened...just listen to what Michael predicts is next.

9:45 am - 10:00 am


Sponsored by Castle Peak Associates

10:00 am - 11:00 am


State of the Industry: Staying Competitive in a Changing Environment

  • Alison Salka, Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President and Director of Research

Declining policy ownership combined with margin pressure and increasing customer expectations have created the need for new thinking and solutions. This presentation will discuss key trends insurers will need to address in the coming years. These include technology, talent, consumers, and regulation. Insurers who understand and can take advantage of these opportunities will improve both their competitive position and bottom line.

11:00 am - 11:15 am


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11:15 am - 12:15 pm


Economic and Market Outlook

CRAIG ARMSTRONG, Senior Insurance Portfolio Manager, Insight Investment, a BNY Mellon Company; CLIFFORD CORSO, Executive Chairman, North America, Insight Investment, a BNY Mellon Company; RICHARD TALMADGE, Senior Structured Product Specialist, Insight Investment, a BNY Mellon Company

In 2018 the US economy grew at the fastest rate in over a decade, although the first quarter of 2019 looks to be weaker impacted by the government shutdown, slower growth overseas and the ongoing trade dispute.  The recent retreat of long term yields supports the slower growth late cycle story.  Cliff Corso, Executive Chairman of Insight Investment, will provide a perspective on the US and global economy, Fed Policy and the current rate environment, as well as offer three investment ideas to consider given these factors.

12:15 pm - 1:00 pm


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1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


1.1 Treasury Hot Topics - The Future of Treasury Talent

MARY HALLAHAN, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer, New York Life; KATHY HOFFMAN, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer, Prudential Financial

The job market is hot, change is certain and accelerating, and companies are looking to cut costs and become more efficient and nimble.  At the same time, many companies are also trying to build sustainable leadership and strong technical capabilities within their teams.  This interactive session will explore the different actions taken by insurance companies to reduce costs and headcount, better position themselves for the rapid changes occurring and create a compelling value proposition to attract energetic, engaged, and diverse talent.

1.2 Hot Topics in Investments

CHRIS SPURRELL, Principal, Castle Peak Associates
This interactive session will offer a peer-to-peer open discussion forum enabling participants to freely discuss issues at the top of their agendas. The discussion will cover challenges and solutions with Investment leaders from the industry.

1.3 Insurance Accounting Update

DHAMMIKA JAYALATH, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP
Hear an update on current accounting topics for the insurance industry and understand potential implications for your company.

2:00 pm - 2:15 pm


Sponsored by MUFG

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm


2.1 Treasury Management Systems: Best Practices for Selection, Implementation and Optimization

JEFF DIORIO, Director, Treasury Strategies; KAREN MOLLOY, Vice President & Treasurer, Northwestern Mutual; JENNIFER SISOM, Senior Director & Assistant Treasurer, TIAA

Enhancing the automation of Treasury and Finance are top priorities for Treasurers in 2019.  Many companies are selecting and implementing new systems or optimizing the ones they have. This panel will discuss best practices and pitfalls of TMS selection and implementation. They will also describe the common stumbling blocks for a technology initiative and will provide strategies to successfully mitigate the traps that can cause delays, overruns or both.

2.2 Untapped Investment Data Insights for Insurers in a World of Data Overload

PAT REILLY, CFA, Vice President, Regional Director, Analytics Sales, FactSet
Are you struggling with gathering, consolidating and maintaining an accurate, comprehensive data set?
From new regulatory compliance and financial reporting pressures to increased investments in more complex instruments for better yield, managing data volumes is creating challenges for insurers.

Gathering disparate data from numerous sources then normalizing, enriching and aggregating it into a cohesive data set is one of the most common challenges insurers face today. Further complicating matters is the need to make data readily available in a variety of formats. It’s a challenging proposition for most institutions and one that impacts investment performance and exposes insurance companies (and managers) to operational risk, compliance issues and additional regulatory requirements. Attend this session to get a better understanding of how to address these data challenges.

2.3 Hot Topics in Finance

JUSTIN DANIELS, AVP, Head of Treasury & Financial Planning & Analysis, National Life Group; THOMAS LUTTER, SVP, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Risk Officer, Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company
This interactive session will offer a peer-to-peer open discussion forum enabling participants to freely discuss issues at the top of their agendas. The discussion will cover challenges and solutions with Finance leaders from the industry.

3:15 pm - 3:30 pm


Sponsored by MUFG

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

3.1 Navigating the Payments Landscape: Trends and Best Practices

CRAIG JEFFERY, Principal, Strategic Treasurer; LORI TORNER, Vice President - Journey Transformation, Northwestern Mutual; SACHIN THAKUR, Vice President, Senior Product Manager, Payments Manager, MUFG; JENNIFER STANLEY, Vice President, Senior Product Manager, Real-Time Payments, MUFG
The payments industry continues to transform and customer expectations are putting added pressure on companies to offer alternative options. This session will focus on innovations in payments, look at what’s coming down the road and efforts that companies are making around payments to enhance the customer experience to try and provide the options that customers are asking for.

3.2 Investment Accounting Update

DHAMMIKA JAYALATH, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP
Hear an update on current investment accounting topics for the insurance industry and understand potential implications for your company. The session will include the GAAP Credit Loss Standard, commonly referred to as CECL, and seen as one of the most significant changes facing companies today.

3.3 Unit Cost: The Secret to Delivering Competitive Financial Service

WALTER IRBY, Vice President, Business Unit Controllers, AIG; DONALD E. McNEES, Partner, Head of Life, Annuity, Health and Retirement Benchmarking & Advisory, Aon/Ward Group
What distinguishes companies that achieve lower expense ratios and growth versus peers? Lower unit cost can result from scale, focus, simplified product lines, technology leverage, selective outsourcing, below average personnel expense, corporate culture and inattention to a host of other factors. Variablizing cost can increase flexibility. Don’t let weak operations or fat infrastructure derail your success. Hear how other insurers are tackling the challenges using unit cost analytics as the window on alternatives and opportunity. What’s having an impact today? Come hear the practical side of making the future pay off. Hear personal experience and observations from the front lines of execution experience. Struggling with practical actions in the face of margin compression? Don’t miss this important perspective on key analytic tools, metrics and how to make yours count.

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Sponsored by BNY Mellon and Northern Trust

This event is open to all registered conference attendees and registered conference guests at no additional cost.

7:00 am - 8:00 am


8:00 am - 9:00 am


Cyber Risk: Moving Beyond Today's Risks to a Sustainable Cyber Risk Management Program

DAVE DALVA, Vice President, Aon Cyber Risk Solutions & BNY Mellon; ANNIE O'LEARY, Assistant Vice President - Cyber Solutions Group, Commercial Risk Solutions, Aon; Moderator:VINCENT PACILIO, Executive Vice President, Insurance Segment Lead, BNY Mellon

The Insurance industry faces increasingly sophisticated cyber risk from internal and external sources that can have far reaching business implications for the industry.  Institutions are dedicating significant resources and establishing governance programs to prevent, detect and respond to inevitable events and global supervisors have established regulations and supervisory assessments for cyber risks. A panel of experts will discuss these topics and best practices in this growing risk arena.


9:00 am - 9:15 am


9:15 am - 10:15 am


4.1 Segregated Initial Margin - Are You Ready?

ROB EVANS, Product Manager, Collateral Management, JP Morgan; TARA McCLOSKEY, Head of Global Derivatives Operations and Collateral Management, MetLife Investment Management; STEVE MURRAY, Treasurer of AIG Markets and Head of AIG Global Capital Markets Operation;   Moderator: MIKE CHUN, Head of Investor Service Sales - Insurance Companies and GSEs, JP Morgan

 This panel discussion will address the industry readiness for buyside segregated initial margin.  We will start by providing a brief overview of the regulatory requirements, in-scope instruments, and eligibility of securities and cash collateral.  We will discuss the experience and lessons learned from clients and dealers who have already gone live in Phases 1-3, and how Insurance Companies that are part of Phase 5 are preparing for go-live in Sep 2020 -- alternative solutions and key sensitivities to consider with regard to organizational complexity, collateral types, frequency of movements, automated instruction initiation, and collateral balances.   

4.2 New Tools & Technology for FP&A

HENRY FERGUSON, Business Development Manager, Prophix Software, Inc.; PHIL GRAVEL, VP, Professional Services & Customer Success, Prophix Software Inc; JODI SCHULTZ, Assistant Vice President - Finance, Sammons Financial Group

Attend this session to hear about the tools and technology that FP&A leaders are leveraging to plan for and analyze their business, and effectively “tell the story."


10:15 am - 10:30 am


10:30 am - 11:30 am


Developing a Future-Ready Workforce in the Digital World

KYLEE LACSON, MBA, FLMI, ASRI, ACS, Assistant Vice President and Practice Lead - Life, The Jacobson Group; DARRIN STEINHAGEN, Director, Product, Innovation and Business Experience Finance, CUNA Mutual Group.
  • Darrin Steinhagen

    Director of Business Finance
    CUNA Mutual Group

Technology is drastically impacting the insurance industry. AI and automation are causing rapid changes, and forward-thinking employers must calculate not only the cost of modernization, but the human cost of these changes. Engaging employees during this transformational period is vital to maintaining a strong business.

In order to successfully adapt to the evolving workplace, insurers must develop best practices to navigate the changing industry and assist their employees throughout the modernization process. This session will focus on the rise of AI and modernization in the workplace, explore the effect of disrupters on talent and human capital, and detail best practices for companies to learn how other organizations are reacting to these industry changes.


11:30 am