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2019 Account Takeover and Fraud Workshop

October 24, 2019 – October 25, 2019
Indianapolis Marriott Downtown, Indianapolis, IN

Account takeover-related fraud is a pervasive, sophisticated and costly problem for our industry. Join us at the 2019  Account Takeover and Fraud Workshop to learn about trending challenges, opportunities and tech solutions that can help you fight back against fraud! You'll gain insight from industry experts and peers as to how they successfully prevent, mitigate and combat fraud while attending presentations and moderated interactive discussions and engaging in valuable networking opportunities.

Who Attends

Attendees are typically at the Director or Vice President level and should have responsibility in their organization for one or more aspects of account takeover and fraud investigation and prevention. Attendees may represent their company’s fraud, special investigation, compliance, in-force policy management (life, annuity or retirement plans) or information technology department. Attendees must be employed by a LOMA or LIMRA Full Member Company.

Join us in Indianapolis for this important and exciting industry event!

Workshop Topics include:

  • Fraud analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence
  • Emerging Tools to Prevent, Detect and Mitigate Fraud and Account Takeovers
  • Metrics, KPI’s and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Fraud Training
  • Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention
  • Prosecution of Fraudsters
  • Elder Abuse/Familial Fraud
  • Unique Vulnerabilities of Working with Third Party Administrators
  • Balancing fraud prevention and customer experience
  • Retirement v. Insurance – what’s the difference when it comes to fraud?
  • Changing the culture around Fraud
  • Small company approaches to a big problem

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