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From real-time generation of claims correspondence to fully automated, batch generation of policies, Cincom Systems delivers the most-intuitive Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions in the insurance industry. By streamlining the design, deployment, delivery and management of high-volume, personalized customer communications (print and digital), Cincom has helped over 100 insurers around the world (incl. Baltimore Life, Montana State Fund, Mutual Trust Life, Everence and National Guardian Life) acquire, strengthen and expand customer relationships, minimize compliance risks, reduce operating costs and accelerate time-to-market for all their communications. For over three decades, Cincom has helped insurers deliver a better customer experience through better communications. Visit us at: https://www.cincom.com/us/
Intellect SEEC CSC 190

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Intellect SEEC provides an extensive portfolio covering distribution, underwriting, claims and servicing. We have partnered with the smallest to the largest insurers across the globe. We believe that while the underlying business of insurance is complex, leading edge technology should be deployed without interruption, making user experience intuitive and simple.


Lexis Nexis - Risk

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LexisNexis® provides solutions designed to help life insurers expedite underwriting and reduce costs, while drastically cutting the time it takes to obtain critical information. We enable insurers to gain valuable insight about prospects and customers throughout the policy life cycle. www.lexisnexis.com/risk/life

Pega Systems CSC 190

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Pegasystems delivers strategic applications for  customer service, sales, marketing and operations. With Pega Customer Service, insurers are able to anticipate customer needs, provide guidance and automate processes to deliver a satisfying, efficient and accurate service experience for your customers. Our customers include 7 of the top 10 global insurers. www.pega.com/industries/insurance/general-insurance

WorkFusion CX 2017

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WorkFusion's Intelligent Automation lets born-analog operations run like born-digital operations. WorkFusion’s products empower the world’s top insurers to deliver better customer service through virtual agents while reducing the back office cost of and cycle time of processing claims through robotic process automation (RPA) and AI-powered cognitive automation. www.workfusion.com


Accenture is a leader in the market, helping carriers innovate and grow by applying today’s most modern new business and policy administration capabilities using the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP) and an advanced portfolio of digital solutions. ALIP’s architecture is designed using containers and microservices for optimal cloud performance and delivery flexibility including: cloud, on-premise or a cutting-edge Platform-as-a-Service model. And with today’s abundance of data, carriers can rely on Accenture’s Life & Annuity Analytics — the industry’s first standalone business intelligence and predictive analytics solution with out-of-the-box use cases and insights exclusively for life and annuity carriers. Accenture.com/lifeandannuitysoftware
Fis for CSC

FIS is pleased to present FIS Output Solutions, a single-source suite of customer communication design, production, print/mail, eDelivery and bill payment products. Offering license, SaaS and ASP solutions, FIS offers all the technology you need to create, deliver and collect payments on enterprise customer documents such as policies, EOB's, claims correspondence, bills and servicing documents.  Brands - FIS, CSF, CSF Designer, FIS Output Solutions.  www.fisglobal.com.  Email fis.info@fisglobal.com.


KUBRA provides customer experience management solutions to some of the largest utility, insurance, and government entities across North America. Our portfolio of meter-to-cash and outage communication solutions includes billing and payments, mapping, mobile apps, and proactive communications solutions for customers. http://kubra.com
Sale Move CX 17

SaleMove breathes life into the online customer experience. Through a single line of code, SaleMove enables companies to identify their highest-value website visitors and engage them through video, voice, chat, and CoBrowsing - creating memorable high-touch contextual experiences which increase conversions, improve servicing, and provide an overall better customer experience. www.salemove.com