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LOMA Education Fairs

Knowledgeable employees become more productive and engaged, and help your company succeed. Shine a spotlight on the value of professional development in your company by partnering with us to host an Education Fair or Virtual Education Fair.

At Your Company

LOMA reps come to your company to share information, answer questions, and provide promotional brochures and materials. These events create a learning-focused environment at your company and are an effective way to promote the benefits of LOMA Education to your employees.

Virtual Ed Fairs

Don’t struggle with employee development...Let us help you — we can make it easy, fast and effective! Schedule a Virtual Education Fair for your department or company that employees can attend from a central location or from their desks. This short online webinar is live and interactive, and we cover educational opportunities that make sense for your staff.

Let's Talk

Call us to speak with a LOMA Member Solutions representative: 1-800-ASK-LOMA, option 1.