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LOMA's Electronic Library of Study Materials

LOMA’s Electronic Library of Study Materials is available to LOMA Member and affiliate Member Company Education Representatives who accept the terms of LOMA’s Electronic Licensing Agreement.

What is it?

The Library consists of current course textbooks in PDF format. It allows Ed Reps to access and review the content for compatibility with learners’ educational goals. LOMA’s Electronic Library of Study Materials is not available in all languages or for all courses.

Can I print copies of the materials?

Yes, Ed Reps may print a limited number of copies to support learners who are enrolled in or planning to enroll in a LOMA course and would like a printed textbook. For some courses, professionally printed and bound textbooks are also available for purchase through LOMA's learning system.

If you have questions about your order or about LOMA textbooks, please contact us.

What about online courses?

Your company’s learners gain access to an online course’s study materials by enrolling for the course. They gain access to materials on a course-by-course basis and only by first purchasing an enrollment for the course.

For online Course Portals, elements such as videos, animations, and the interactive versions of the Practice Questions and Sample Exam are available only through the Portals. Ed Reps will not have access to these materials in the Library, and learners who don't have access to a computer won't be able to access them.

What else should I know?

We update study materials periodically. Learners are responsible for studying from the correct study materials, so it's important to take any printed copies you've made out of circulation as courses are updated. To confirm the assigned materials for each testing period and for information on which LOMA study materials are available in PDF format please consult the Education & Training Catalog or the Learning Catalog in LOMA’s learning system.

How do I get access?

To request access to LOMA’s Electronic Library of Study Materials, LOMA member or affiliate member company Educational Representatives should send an email to education@loma.org and place LOMA Library Access in the subject line. PDFs may not be available in all languages and courses. Please allow 5–10 business days for activation.

How do I find the latest corrections in LOMA materials?
Although we make every attempt to avoid errors in our publications, they sometimes do occur. LOMA publishes (or updates) text corrections on this site for each publication whenever we learn of errors that would affect students’ understanding of curriculum materials.