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Study Materials

Study materials for LOMA courses vary by the course type.

Online Course Formats

Study materials for LOMA's highly-interactive online designation courses and short online courses are integrated into the courses themselves. To access the study materials, a student will first need to enroll for the course and be able to access it online.

Course Portal Courses

For Course Portal designation courses, students access the textbook and test-preparation-guide PDFs, interactive study aids, and exam preparation features through the portal. PDFs can be downloaded and studied offline, but interactive features require internet access.

More Information

To view the specific study materials for a certain course, please visit the page for that course in loma.org's Course Catalog or the complete catalog in LOMA's learning system.

For a quick reference covering all the designation program courses, consult the Study Materials Roadmap.

Ed Reps at LOMA member companies and affiliate member companies which accept the terms of LOMA’s Electronic Licensing Agreement may also request access to LOMA's Electronic Library of Study Materials.

More student-oriented information on study materials:

Ordering printed study materials

Most Course Portals include online access to the course’s study materials and do not require purchase of additional printed study materials. However, you can order printed study materials for some designation courses (for an additional cost) via LOMA’s learning system. Please consult our Textbook Order Information Sheet for more details on how to place your order.

If you have questions about your order or about LOMA textbooks, please contact us.

How do I find the latest corrections in LOMA materials?
Although we make every attempt to avoid errors in our publications, they sometimes do occur. LOMA publishes (or updates) text corrections on this site for each publication whenever we learn of errors that would affect students’ understanding of curriculum materials.