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Reporting Tools for Ed Reps

Ed Reps can access all reports using the centralized Ed Rep Tools utility.

Reports Available on Ed Rep Tools

Reports for Ed Reps located in Ed Rep Tools include:

  • Current Enrollments — Lists students currently enrolled
  • Official Grade Report — Shows grades within a specified date range
  • Grades + Awards — Shows grades and awards earned with completed course within a specified date range
  • Awards Report — Lists awards earned within a specified date range
  • Credentials Master List — Lists all LOMA designations held by all students within the Ed Rep's organization, provided their learning record exists in LOMA's learning system
  • Exam Site List — Shows all exams sites, addresses, proctor contact information, and enrollments with the Ed Rep's organization
  • Did Not Reenroll — Lists students who failed a course or whose course access expired within a specified date range AND who have not yet re-enrolled for that course
  • Duplicate Course Enrollments — Lists students who have enrolled in the same course more than once, and whose most recent enrollment in the course is within a specified date range
  • Enrollment Summary Report — Displays counts of enrollments by Course, Media Type, and Language for a specified date range
  • Pass Rates — Lists the pass rate percentage by course for all proctored designation courses (paper or I*STAR) taken within a specified date range
  • Remaining for Designation — Lists students who are 3 or fewer courses away from a designation
  • Student List — Lists the active students at the selected Organization(s) and the date of their most recent enrollment
  • Proctor List — Lists the active users at the selected Organization(s) who are designated as proctor
  • 3rd Party Admission List — Lists all users who are currently enrolled at a 3rd Party Exam Site associated with an Ed Rep's Organization(s)
  • Enrollment By Date — List of students enrolled in the selected date range. The courses may be passed, failed, expired, or in an enrolled status.

These reports provide information on individuals whose learning records exist within LOMA's learning system. If a user's record does not appear in the system, contact LOMA's Office of the Registrar for assistance.

Accessing Ed Rep Tools Reports

  1. Go to http://edreptools.loma.org/.
  2. Click on Ed Rep Reports in the middle of the screen.
  3. Enter your Login ID and password.
  4. Click on Organization List. All the Organizations for which you have access will appear.
    • Choose all of the orgs in the list by clicking Select All.
    • Or, check the boxes next to specific orgs to run reports on only those locations.
  5. Click Done.

Working with Ed Rep Tools Reports

Reports without Date Range Requirements
  1. Choose the report you want from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click View Report.
Reports with Date Range Requirements
  1. Choose the report you want from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the date range.
  3. Click View Report.
Tabbing Through the Report

If your report is more than one page, click the arrows in the middle of the screen to scroll through the report.

Exporting and Printing

Click on the Export to CSV button to view the report in Excel or other options. You can then save, sort or print the information.