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I*STAR Regulations

In order to protect the integrity of the Education Programs, examinations offered via I*STAR are subject to rigorous quality and security controls. For this reason, it is very important that company administration of I*STAR examinations conform to the standards developed by industry leaders in consultation with education providers.

  1. The I*STAR software must be installed on the same physical computer the student will be using to take the exam. The use of a remote desktop agent or a virtual emulator during an exam is strictly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to, using a remote desktop agent to connect to a machine with the I*STAR client installed for purposes of taking the exam remotely, or using a remote desktop agent to connect to any other machine during the course of the exam. This also includes using a virtual machine emulator to run I*STAR from a host machine.
  2. Ed Reps and proctors are to keep Login IDs and passwords strictly confidential and must not share them.
  3. A student must provide a picture ID if the proctor is not completely certain of the student’s identity.
  4. A student may not sit for an I*STAR examination in a trafficked area, in a location that permits the student access to textbooks, notes, cell phones, pagers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) such as Palm Pilots or BlackBerrys, or in any location where the student could talk with anyone except the proctor.
  5. A student must be under direct observation of the proctor while sitting for an I*STAR examination. It is not necessary for the proctor to be in the same room with the student, as long as the proctor has a direct view of the student while the student is sitting for the examination. It is not sufficient for the proctor merely to be able to view the entrance to the room in which the student is sitting so as to make sure that no one enters or leaves the room; the proctor must actually be able to view the student. Students must be monitored by the proctor if leaving the exam for a restroom break. Phone calls and smoke breaks are not permitted.
  6. Computers must be adequately spaced so that a student cannot see the screen on which another student is taking an I*STAR examination. Spacing must also be adequate to discourage any communication between students sitting for I*STAR examinations.
  7. Unannounced inspections of I*STAR facilities may be made by LOMA staff, LOMA committee and council members, and LOMA Society representatives to ensure that standards are being met.
  8. If a student is interrupted by system problems while taking an I*STAR examination, standards 4, 5, and 6 above must be adhered to while the proctor attempts to restart the examination. The student cannot be allowed to leave the examination room, to converse with others, or to have access to study materials. Failure to adhere to these standards will result in the student’s having to start a new examination. If the examination cannot be restarted, please contact LOMA at 1-800-ASK-LOMA (Option 1).
  9. If a student must leave the exam for an emergency, the exam will be graded at that point. If the student fails the exam, re-enrollment with full fees will be required to take the exam again.
  10. Students are permitted to use scratch paper during the examination. However, all such paper must be returned to the proctor and destroyed following the exam. Students are not permitted to take any written information regarding the examination content from the testing area.
  11. Calculators are not necessary to pass any LOMA exam. However, students can use a basic 4-function calculator with no internet connection, special features, or functions if they wish. Exam proctors must inspect and approve all calculators before administering the exam to ensure they meet specifications.
  12. If a student wishes to challenge an exam question, the student should make a mental note of the question number and the reason for the challenge and immediately notify the Ed Rep or proctor of the challenge. The Ed Rep or proctor should then forward the student’s concern to LOMA, where it will be investigated.
  13. Violation of any of these facilities requirements or of other policy statements issued by LOMA will subject the company to the due process procedure governing irregularities connected with exam administration. Penalties under the policy may include disqualification of exams taken in an unauthorized fashion, as well as suspension of a company from the privilege of administering examinations.

The proctor of an I*STAR exam is responsible for assuring that all regulations for administering exams are observed. The proctor may be the Ed Rep or another responsible individual. If the regulations are not observed, LOMA may refuse to accept exam grades, suspend a company’s privilege to serve as an I*STAR site, or impose additional sanctions.

Note: Ed Reps may sit for I*STAR exams as long as an appropriate proctor is available.