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Ed Rep Contacts at LOMA

LOMA makes every effort to support and assist our Ed Reps. Your primary contacts at LOMA will be the Business Agents in the Office of the Registrar.

Phone: 1-800-ASK-LOMA, option 1
(1-800-275-5662, option 1)
or 770-984-3761
Fax: 770-984-6415
Email: education@loma.org

Please feel free to contact the Office of the Registrar with any questions or concerns you or your students may have on the following topics:

  • Awards (certificates and replacements)
  • Courses passed
  • Curriculum content (for textbooks, TPGs, Course Portals, etc.)
  • Ed Rep changes
  • Ed Rep Guidebook (orders, unanswered questions)
  • Processing enrollments
  • Exam administration (proctoring, location, etc.)
  • Third-party exam sites
  • Exam fees (billing discrepancies, processing)
  • Course extensions
  • LOMA student name/address changes
  • Independent students
  • Policies and procedures used
  • Student records
  • Problems or issues with PBD Worldwide
  • Credit for LOMA courses from other sources
  • Academic or college credit for LOMA Courses
  • Continuing education for agents
  • Professional license credit

Print-Related Study Materials

If you have questions about a study materials invoice or billing-related matter, contact:

PBD Worldwide
P.O. Box 930108
Atlanta, Georgia 31193-0108
Tel: 800-887-3723 / 770-280-4178
Fax: 770-280-4150
Email: LNH@pbd.com