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Insurance Immersion

Canadian Program

An instructor-led, activity based, immersive program that provides the essential knowledge and tools for professionals transitioning to the life insurance industry.

Insurance Wealth Course

This full-day program for Canadian insurance professionals covers insurance wealth products — including segregated funds and annuitites — and how these products meet customers' retirement income needs.

Life Insurance Company Taxation Course

In response to recent changes and challenges, LOMA Canada partners with PwC Canada to present the Life Insurance Company Taxation Course to meet the needs of the Canadian life and health insurance industry.

Life Insurance Products Course

This comprehensive course is designed for business professionals seeking to gain a deeper understanding of life insurance products in Canada.

Understanding Life Insurance Company Financial Statements

Presented in partnership with PwC Canada, this is an introductory program that provides a basic understanding of life insurance company financial statements. The course gives non-financial professionals an opportunity to learn about industry-specific terminology, tools, and methodology.