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Diplomate, Life Health Institute

Available in: Arabic

LOMA works with the Royal Center to offer an education program translated into Arabic based on LOMA course materials. The 3-course program is known as the Diplomate, Life Health Institute (DLHI), and it offers industry-specific education in the context of insurance and financial services. It has been adopted across the Middle East by corporate bodies as well as insurance training institutes.

Learners completing the program gain an understanding of

  • The principles of insurance, the process of becoming insured, and the policyowner's contractual rights
  • Features of individual and group life insurance, health insurance, and annuity products
  • Organization of insurance companies
  • The environment in which insurance companies operate
  • Specific company operations such as actuarial, underwriting, and financial activities
  • Marketing principles
  • The functions of marketing as an integral aspect of the life and health insurance industry

Examinations are offered through LOMA on paper twice a year (May and November).

Learners must complete three required courses to earn the DLHI designation.