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Certified Professional, Life and Health Insurance

Available in: Bahasa Indonesia

By invitation of the Life Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAJI), LOMA has translated three fundamental courses of the FLMI program (LOMA 280, LOMA 290 and LOMA 301) into Bahasa Indonesia to create the CPLHI. This program provides access to international course curriculum for insurance professionals in Indonesia whose experience may be enhanced through in-language materials.

AAJI also recognizes the CPLHI designation locally as a preliminary designation to earn other internationally-accredited designations such as the FLMI.

CPLHI Objectives
  • To provide the best and quality education for the industry at large in order to increase professionalism and instill working ethics
  • To make the courses available for industry practitioners who do not use English in order for them to strengthen their knowledge about the life and health insurance industry
  • To fulfill the government’s requirement of having more experts and professionals within the life insurance industry
  • To standardize the knowledge of the employees about the life and health insurance industry

Learners must complete three required courses to earn the CPLHI designation.

LOMA 280 — Principles of Insurance

LOMA 280 introduces the principles of insurance, the process of becoming insured, and the policyowner’s contractual rights. The course includes information on the features of individual and group life insurance, health insurance, and annuity products.

LOMA 290 — Insurance Company Operations

LOMA 290 describes how life insurance companies operate in today’s global environment: how they are organized, how they are managed, and the roles of functional and support units in developing, distributing, issuing, and administering life insurance and annuity products.

LOMA 301 — Insurance Administration

LOMA 301 provides a detailed discussion of the activities of insurance administration for individual and group life coverages, focusing on underwriting, reinsurance, claims, and customer service.