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Associate, Annuity Products and Administration

Available in: English


Join the thousands of insurance professionals who’ve improved their careers through the Associate, Annuity Products and Administration™ (AAPA™) program. It will help you blaze an exciting career path by challenging you to expand your knowledge, increase your productivity and improve your performance. Please note, the AAPA will be offered only through the end of 2015.

With your AAPA designation, you will learn how to more effectively deliver solutions to your internal and external annuity customers. With your AAPA, you will learn:

  • How to differentiate the various annuity products and their uses
  • The role of technology in annuity administration
  • How annuities are marketed and distributed
  • Funding arrangements for pension products
  • Laws and regulations affecting annuities


  • Compliance and Legal
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing and Business Acquisition
  • Operations and Administration
  • Retirement and Annuities


Learners must complete five required courses to earn the AAPA designation.

AAPA 283 — Marketing, Distribution, and Uses of Annuities

AAPA 283 examines the current market for and uses of annuities. It also describes how annuities are developed, priced, distributed, promoted, and regulated in the United States.

AAPA 303 — Annuity Systems and Administration

AAPA 303 describes the tasks involved in annuity administration and the various internal, regulatory, and market factors that affect these tasks. In addition, the course discusses the important role of information technology in annuity administration.

AAPA 313 — Financial Aspects of Annuities

AAPA 313 describes the process that financial services firms use to develop and design annuity products. This course also covers financial concepts important to annuities, such as risk and return in investments, various asset types, future and present values, techniques for testing annuity profitability, principles of annuity mortality, annuity reserves, and annuity expense charges.

AAPA 323 — Regulation and Taxation of Annuities

AAPA 323 describes the state and federal laws and regulations governing insurance companies, producers, and annuity products in the United States and how insurers comply with these laws and regulations. The text also describes how income, gift, and estate taxes affect annuities.


Required AAPA courses
Learners must complete all of these courses to earn the AAPA designation.
Annuity PrinciplesMarketing, Distribution, and Uses of AnnuitiesSystems and AdministrationFinancial AspectsRegulation and Taxation
AAPA 273AAPA 283AAPA 303AAPA 313AAPA 323

Course Credit Notes

  • The AAPA designation will be offered only through the end of 2015.
  • AAPA 273 is no longer available.
  • AAPA 283, AAPA 303, AAPA 313, and AAPA 323 will be offered only through the end of 2015.

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