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403(b)connect (403(b) plan management) se²
About iPipeline iPipeline
Accenture Actuarial Calculation Engine Accenture Software
Accenture Insurance Data Migration Factory Accenture Software
Accenture Life Insurance Platform - New Business and Case Management Accenture Software
Accenture Life Insurance Platform - Policy Administration & Customer Serv. Accenture Software
Accenture Life Insurance Platform (ALIP) Suite Accenture Software
Accurint® for Insurance LexisNexis
ADASTAR Illustration System Andesa Services
ADASTAR Q+ Plan Administration Andesa Services
Administration and Consulting Infosys McCamish Systems
AFAS Policy Administration from Andesa Andesa Services
Agency Integrator iPipeline
agency licensing & commissions se²
Agency Management iPipeline
AgentOne™ iPipeline
ALIP Centralized Product and Business Rules Engine Accenture Software
ALIP Electronic Applications Accenture Software
ALIP Illustrations Accenture Software
ALIP Mobility Accenture Software
ALIP Payout Administration Accenture Software
ALIP Policy Administration Accenture Software
ALIP Underwriting Accenture Software
AM for Unit Value Trade Princeton Financial Systems
Andesa Reporting (DataMart, Flex Report Writer, Policy Snapshot) Andesa Services
Application Modernization Dell Insurance Services
Application Outsourcing and Offshore Services CSC
AURA (Automated Underwriting and Risk Analysis) RGA Reinsurance Company
Big Data & Analytics CSC
billing se²
BMS® for Group Life, Health and Dental Insurance
BPO Dell Insurance Services
broker communication se²
Business Process Services CSC
Claims Management CSC
Claims Services Dell Insurance Services
Cloud Services CSC
consulting services se²
CRM for Distributors iPipeline
Customer Bill Pay™ (Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment) OBRIEN
Customer Service Accelerator CSC
CyberLife Enterprise System CSC
Cybersecurity CSC
Data Factory Tool Kit (DFTK) MajescoMastek
Data Migrations
Data Services iPipeline
Deferral+ (R) Infosys McCamish Systems
Dell Insurance Services Dell Insurance Services
Digital-CCP™ (Collaboration & Communication Platform) OBRIEN
directdoc (mailroom, imaging & lockbox) se²
Distribution Dell Insurance Services
DocFast™ iPipeline
DOCSNET - Disability Claims Benefit Resource Management
DOCSNET - Ind. Disability (DI) Claims Benefit Resource Management
DOCSNET - LIFE Claims Benefit Resource Management
DOCSNET - LTD Claims Benefit Resource Management
DOCSNET - STD Claims Benefit Resource Management
DVS Fund Warehouse Princeton Financial Systems
DVS Publisher Suite Princeton Financial Systems
Elixir Distribution Management (EDM) MajescoMastek
Elixir North America Policy Administration System MajescoMastek
eMIG21 Princeton Financial Systems
end-to-end administration solution se²
Enterprise Roadmap CSC
ePAM Princeton Financial Systems
e-Policy iPipeline
Exceed Billing CSC
FAST Case Management Components FAST
FAST Distribution FAST
FAST Distribution Components FAST
FAST Insurance Portal FAST
FAST New Business & Underwriting FAST
FAST Policy Administration FAST
FAST Policy Administration Components FAST
FIMMAS / CLAIMS for Life, Disability, and Annuity Products Management Data, Inc.
FIMMAS / CREDIT for Debt Cancellation / Credit Life Products Management Data, Inc.
FIMMAS / GRP for Group Lines Management Data, Inc.
FIMMAS / IND for Individual Lines Management Data, Inc.
FIMMAS / MKT for Financial Services & Marketing Organizations Management Data, Inc.
FINEOS Claims FINEOS Corporation
FireLight® - E-Application Business Fulfillment Platform Insurance Technologies
ForeSight™ - Point-of-Sale Illustration Platform Insurance Technologies
Forms, iGO®, AFFIRM® for Annuities, AFFIRM for Life® iPipeline
forwardPAS Adminovate
FuturEdge CSC
Genelco Insurance Administration Solution™ Concentrix Insurance Solutions
GIAS New Business Enablement ™ Concentrix Insurance Solutions
GIAS Reporting and Analytics ™ Concentrix Insurance Solutions
GIAS SaaS Solution™ Concentrix Insurance Solutions
GIAS Web Portal™ Concentrix Insurance Solutions
Hearsay Social Hearsay Social
IBM GIAS Individual Web Portal (Genelco LifeView®) Concentrix Insurance Solutions
Illustrations & eApp
Implementation Services MajescoMastek
Industry Consulting for Technical Vendors SiSi Group, LLC
InsPro Enterprise InsPro Technologies LLC
Insurance Optics CSC
IT & Business Process Outsourcing CSC
LawCards Princeton Financial Systems
LexisNexis® Current Carrier® Life LexisNexis
LexisNexis® Instant Authenticate LexisNexis
LexisNexis® InstantID® LexisNexis
LexisNexis® IRS Verify LexisNexis
LexisNexis® Life Data Prefill LexisNexis
LexisNexis® Life Electronic Inspection Report LexisNexis
LexisNexis® MVR Solutions LexisNexis
LexisNexis® National Credit File LexisNexis
LexisNexis® Policy Watch LexisNexis
LexisNexis® Unclaimed Property LexisNexis
LIDP Channel Management System LIDP Consulting Services, Inc.
LIDP The Administrator LIDP Consulting Services, Inc.
LIDP Titanium LIDP Consulting Services, Inc.
Life Data Prefill Additional Risks Pack LexisNexis
LifeApply® Streamlined Electronic Applications for Life, Health & Annuities StoneRiver, Inc
LiveApp Apptical
MAS / CREDIT for Debt Cancellation / Credit Life Products Management Data, Inc.
MIG21 Princeton Financial Systems
Mobile E-App for Agents
Mobile First CSC
Mobile Image App Submission
Mobile Premium Calculators
Mobility Dell Insurance Services
Mortality Assessment Technology (MAT) CSC
nbAccelerator CSC
nbAccelerator - Intelligent e-App CSC
Needs Analysis Products/XRAE® iPipeline
New Business + Underwriting (NB+U) MajescoMastek
OAS/IVA(TM) Repetitive Payout Machine
OAS/VAS(TM) Variable Annuity System
OnBase Hyland
OPUS Connect illustrate inc.
OPUS Mobile illustrate inc.
OPUS- One Point Unified System illustrate inc.
Oracle Documaker Oracle Insurance
Oracle Insurance Insbridge Enterprise Rating Oracle Insurance
Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Oracle Insurance
Oracle Insurance Policy Administration (formerly AdminServer) integration
Oracle Insurance Revenue Management and Billing Oracle Insurance
Outsourcing and Offshore Services CSC
PAM for Bank Loans Princeton Financial Systems
PAM for Mortgages Princeton Financial Systems
PAM for Securities Princeton Financial Systems
PAS Portfolio Accounting System Princeton Financial Systems
PerformancePlus CSC
PMACS (R) Infosys McCamish Systems
Policy Administration Dell Insurance Services
PolicyHS® iPipeline
Predictive Models LexisNexis
pricing & trading (fund valuation & performance) se²
Print & Mail OBRIEN
Producer Lifecycle Management--Compliance Express®
Producer Lifecycle Management--Producer Express™
Producer Lifecycle Management--Producer Manager™
Product Accelerator CSC
PURE Apptical
QL.Admin | Agent and Client Online Portals QLAdmin Solutions
QL.Admin | Health Claims Adjudication Module QLAdmin Solutions
QL.Admin | Reinsurance Module QLAdmin Solutions
QL.Admin Policy Administration System QLAdmin Solutions
Quotes and Illustrations iPipeline
Sapiens ALIS for L&A Sapiens International
Sapiens Reinsurance Sapiens International
Sapiens Retirement Sapiens International
Silanis E-Signatures
Smart Video Accenture Software
Social Media Dell Insurance Services
SoundDecisions Apptical
Speed-to-Market Dell Insurance Services
Staffing Services for Carriers SiSi Group, LLC
Staffing Services for Technical Vendors SiSi Group, LLC
StoneRiver Business Process Outsourcing StoneRiver, Inc
StoneRiver eFreedom Annual Statement System StoneRiver, Inc
StoneRiver ID3 Policy Administration System StoneRiver, Inc
StoneRiver Life Portraits ES Point of Sale Solution StoneRiver, Inc
StoneRiver LifeSuite Underwriting and Case Management StoneRiver, Inc
StoneRiver LifeSuite®: Life Insurance Software for Automated Underwriting in Life, Health and Annuities StoneRiver, Inc
StoneRiver PRO Financial Solutions StoneRiver, Inc
StoneRiver TRACKER Unclaimed Property System StoneRiver, Inc
SunGard iWorks Compass (Insurance/Pension/Investment Product Admin.)
SunGard iWorks Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM)
SunGard iWorks Financials (iWorks Financial Accounting)
SunGard iWorks Financials (iWorks Financial Accounting)
SunGard iWorks Financials (iWorks Statutory)
SunGard iWorks Investments
SunGard iWorks Macess
SunGard iWorks Navigator Illustration System
SunGard iWorks Premium Billing System
SunGard iWorks ProCede Advantage (Reinsurance Management Solution)
SunGard iWorks Prophet (Actuarial Modelling System)
SunGard iWorks ProSume (Assumed Reinsurance Solution)
Tapp Imaging Index
Technical Staff Augmentation for Carriers SiSi Group, LLC
Testing Dell Insurance Services NOW ONE
Visual Product Modeling System CSC
VPAS(R) Benefit Plan Administration Infosys McCamish Systems
VPAS(R) Life Infosys McCamish Systems
Wealth Management Accelerator CSC
Wealth Management Tools
Web Recording Accenture Software
Wynsure Product Suite