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ALIP Mobility

Accenture Software

Contact: Nancy Bass, Accenture Software Sales and Product Marketing Lead, Address: 5 Spring Street, Murray Hill, NJ, USA, 07974, Phone: 512-732-5155, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

ALIP Mobility allows carriers to configure mobile applications that offer their home users and consumers access to personal and policy data via smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Customers can inquire about account values, change their address online, update a beneficiary designation, and make account transaction requests such as withdrawals, fund transfers, deposits, etc. This ability to configure mobile interactions without requiring the static development of native mobile applications contributes to lower costs and a reduced reliance on the software vendor. Carriers have the flexibility to configure their own mobile applications, allowing them to be more responsive to the ongoing needs of their consumers. Mobility allows our clients to use existing, browser-based assets and extend them to modern day technology.

This initiative is part of Accenture Software's path to a Digital Insurance future. We will be developing ALIP to make new enhancements available, regardless of the technology channel used, thereby generating real and added value to our mobile offering.