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Accenture Software

Contact: Nancy Bass, Accenture Software Sales and Product Marketing Lead, Address: 5 Spring Street, Murray Hill, NJ, USA, 07974, Phone: 512-732-5155, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

Accenture Software's life and annuity business now offers Web recording - an advanced way for carriers to capture, view and evaluate consumers' behavior online, providing added value to your Web analytics. Carriers have an enhanced ability to record how their consumers interact with their websites and how they perform online transactions. This valuable information can be used to resolve disputes, retain activity for audit controls, and use analytics to detrmine what improvements are needed.

In addition to consumer audits and disupte resoluation controls, Web recording can be used for interal home office user operations and training. By reviewing web recordings, our clients are better able to understand how home office users are interacting with the system. They can understand why longer transactions times are occuring, whether users are struggling to locate information, etc. and make the necessary improvements.

When combined with ALIP, carriers can analyze consumers, agents or home office users' transactions and replay a specific transaction in a visual way that hasn't been available before, taking audit risk and transactional Analytics to a new level.