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QL.Admin Policy Administration System

QLAdmin Solutions

Contact: Chris McCaul, F.S.A, M.A.A.A., Address: 9500 Arboretum Blvd., Ste. 200, Austin, TX, USA, 78759, Phone: 512-645-2990, Fax: 512-345-7437, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

QL.Admin | Affordable Easy to Use Software from Insurance Experts

The QL.Admin policy administration system allows for easy management of various insurance products, including but not limited to, traditional and interest sensitive whole and universal life insurance, term insurance, deferred and immediate annuities, pre-arranged funeral plans, and individual and group health insurance. QL.Admin provides processing capability for:

  • Entering, editing and issuing new policies.
  • Performing policy service and maintenance.
  • Managing underwriting and new business requirements.
  • Running billing cycles and processing premiums.
  • Managing group health and group life accounts
  • Processing agent advances, FYC and renewal commissions, chargebacks and statements.
  • Researching policy/agent transaction and correspondence histories.
  • Setting system operating parameters and rules.
  • Establishing user security levels and privileges.
  • Exporting general ledger and accounts payable transaction data.
  • Producing statutory and GAAP reserve valuations.
  • Creating, printing and archiving various production and administrative reports.
  • Running customized utility functions.
  • Administering existing and new product plan codes and issue options.
  • Creating and maintaining various rate, premium and reserve files.

Your new business, underwriting, billing and customer service staff will appreciate the ease of use, intuitive menu functions and quick retrieval of policy data.  

If your company will use the Health Claims Adjudication module, the Reinsurance module, or the agent/client online portals, the QL.Admin base life policy administration system must be installed.