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LexisNexis® Life Data Prefill


Contact: Jena Kennedy, Address: 1000 Alderman Dr, Alpharetta, GA, USA, 30005, Phone: 678-694-3382, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

 Faster, more accurate completion of e-apps, better customer experience

LexisNexis® Life Data Prefill is an interactive single-inquiry service that streamlines the insurance application process, reducing key strokes by pre-populating certain application data from which the applicant can verify and select. It also ensures proper formatting of critical information to promote better inquiry data for downstream requirements, speeding up application completion and minimizing data entry error.

LexisNexis delivers the data you need and provides cutting-edge analytics, automated decision making, fraud detection, and predictive modeling solutions that can impact the speed and quality of decisions, as well as your profitability.  Our solutions support life insurers through every step of the policy life cycle.  LexisNexis provides essential data and analytics in real-time to help life insurers speed the underwriting process and enhance the customer experience throughout the policy lifecycle.