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SunGard iWorks ProSume (Assumed Reinsurance Solution)

Product Description:

iWORKS ProSume includes functionality that makes business more profitable and efficient:

• Data capture on registry helps accelerate submission registration.
• Keep track of business offerings and consequent actions.
• Identify all overdue balances to monitor bad debts.
• Reduce systems costs and speed up processing with ProSume’s leading-edge technology.
• Cut compliance and reporting costs by accessing all of the information needed for reporting from one central database.

iWORKS ProSume automates assumed treaty and facultative business processing to increase control, efficiency and productivity. By streamlining processing, maximizing collections and easily managing reporting and compliance, ProSume supports the full range of functions you require, including submission registration, contract administration, premium and claims processing, cash management and open balance settlement, accounts payable/receivable reporting, retrocession processing, and inter-company pooling.