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SunGard iWorks Prophet (Actuarial Modelling System)

Product Description:

iWorks Prophet provides a fast, friendly and flexible solution for actuaries involved in life assurance, permanent health insurance and insured pension products. It manages the calculations and financial models used for:Embedded and appraisal valuations,
Cash flow and financial projections,
Net premium, gross premium and discounted cash flow valuations,
Realistic earnings valuations and reporting (including achieved profits, US GAAP and Margin on Services),
Asset/liability modelling, Dynamic solvency testing, Stochastic projections, Surplus and bonus strategy analyses, Product pricing and design,
Analysis of surplus and movement in embedded values, Current and projected contribution requirements for group pension schemes.

* Helps enable companies to rapidly develop risk management models of their business
* Provides the power and performance for risk management models to run in a secure and controlled environment and fits in with companies’ end-to-end infrastructure
* Supports the financial service industry around the world
* Produces the necessary management information required by decision makers to assess risks and make efficient use of capital