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    SunGard iWorks Premium Billing System


    Contact: Patti Frese, Address: 11560 Great Oaks Way , Suite 200 , Alpharetta, GA, USA, 30022, Phone: 305-646-5366, Fax: 305-646-5423, Email:, Website:
    Product Description:
    SunGard's iWorks Premium Billing System functionality includes:
    * Custom tailored payment plans
    * Full access to complete account activity history and billing schedules
    * Automated tasks and minimization of redundant manual data input for error reduction
    * Several commission pay-out structures
    * Various standard report options
    * Scalable technology to meet changing business requirements
    * Flexible system-to-system integration with XML
    * Multiple security levels, defined by individual companies

    * Automates processes and minimizes redundant manual data input
    * Offers several standard report options and commission payout structures
    * Allows you to quickly and easily change payment plans at anytime with the immediate update of the billing schedule
    * Provides multiple levels of security defined by individual companies
    * Includes system-to-system integration with XML
    * Scales to business requirements