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SunGard iWorks Navigator Illustration System

Product Description:

NAVIGATOR Illustrations is an enterprise illustration system designed to allow insurance carriers to meet all their illustration needs with one system. A company can purchase the full functionality of NAVIGATOR Illustrations which enables the user to illustrate all types products and can deploy all illustration concepts for Annuities, Term/UL/VUL/WL, Long Term Care, Disability, etc. and fully supports advanced case modeling (COLI). NAVIGATOR Illustrations may also be packaged to address specialized markets and products such as: *Annuity - a web-based annuity illustration system handling all types of annuities (fixed interest, variable, market value adjusted, equity indexed and qualified and non-qualified), *Enterprise - a full illustration system for all distribution channels *COLI - contains the most feature rich non-qualified benefits modeling and COLI financing capabilities and. NAVIAGATOR Illustrations includes the following add-on modules: *Co-Desinger - the functionality in this component gives the carrier the ability to use their own resources to design input screens, compliant presentations and sales packages without incurring additional programming charges. *Supplemental Reports - this component is a powerful tool to significantly enhance producer sales presentations. Using this tool, a producer can create high quality color presentations for use in conjunction with NAVIGATOR's standard compliant illustrations.
NAVIGATOR Illustrations is a Web-based or desktop Illustration System with the following features:
*In-house or ASP
*Secure and flexible
*No software to install or download
*Ability to run illustrations connected or disconnected (Server-connected mode provides access through the Internet; Standalone mode is available for mobile or disconnected users).
*You can cover all distribution channels (No need to license separate systems. Deliver Basic Illustrations, Middle Market and Advanced Concepts with one system - you decide what access your producers have).
*Meet the needs of your producers and markets by designing your own input screens, compliant presentations and sales packages ?our easy-to-use Co-Designer allows you to customize the system without incurring additional programming charges.
*Speed up development time and leverage your technology investment by creating new products quickly and incorporate your existing product engines.