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SunGard iWorks Macess


Contact: Patti Frese, Address: 11560 Great Oaks Way , Suite 200 , Alpharetta, GA, USA, 30022, Phone: 305-646-5366, Fax: 305-646-5423, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

iWorks Macess is a content-driven business process management solution, enabling organizations to capture vital information as it enters the workplace and electronically distribute it through user-defined workflows. Macess is the solution that blends
business process management (BPM), content management, business activity monitoring(BAM), application and system integration, and information services in a multi-tier or portal environment, into a cohesive, unified IT architecture.
* Document Management
* Records Management
* Contact Management
* Web Forms
* Correspondence
* Monitoring System
* Business Activity Monitoring