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SunGard iWorks Investments

Product Description:

iWorks Investments provides the software you need to streamline your investment accounting processes. iWorks Investment solutions help save time and improve accuracy by integrating with internal and external systems including securities trading, market data vendors, bank custodians and general ledger systems. The systems were specifically designed to address complex investment portfolio management, accounting and reporting requirements. These solutions deliver tools to immediately access data, manage portfolios and develop reports in a flexible, user-friendly interface
* Provides multiple user-defined accounting bases to satisfy reporting requirements
* Imports and exports data using automated interfaces
* Features an easy-to-use integrated report writer for speed and flexibility
* Gives you the ability to create fully-functional future periods for processing, inquiry and reporting
* Offers full functionality for complex investment instruments including financial and mortgage derivatives
* Supports out-of-order processing, date independent edits and multiple open periods