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StoneRiver TRACKER Unclaimed Property System

StoneRiver, Inc

Contact: Emily Mertz, Address: 4601 DTC Blvd., Suite 200, Denver, CO, USA, 80237, Phone: 800-943-2851, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

TRACKER is the leading software choice for unclaimed property compliance. Thanks to StoneRiver's proactive approach and unmatched customer service, TRACKER has set the standard that its competitors strive to attain.

TRACKER automation helps you streamline the labor-intensive process of managing and reporting escheated property. And it protects your organization from steep penalties and interest associated with non-compliance.

--Contains all current escheat reporting requirements, so you don't have to keep track of changes

--Automates the creation of search letters to meet due diligence requirements.

--Consolidates escheat records from various source systems to eliminate redundant activity.

--Produces paper and/or electronic reports according to the specification of each state

--Uses pre-approved formats for state reports to ensure compliance

--Forecasts liability years in advance for fiscal planning purposes

--Offers user-defined fields and includes a custom report writer

Clients find TRACKER easy to learn thanks to an intuitive interface, step-by-step Wizards, and online documentation. The mapping utility facilitates import and export from other applications. During import, data can be checked for duplicates and fields can be parsed as needed. The system includes unmatched data clean-up and validation tools to ensure data integrity.

Our support team is ready to help ensure that your filing proceeds smoothly. Each year, StoneRiver surveys TRACKER clients for product satisfaction and possible enhancements. Again this year, TRACKER has achieved 98% client satisfaction.

There are no hidden costs with TRACKER. The annual maintenance fee entitles you to toll-free support as well as compliance updates and system upgrades.

Register for a live, web-based demonstration of TRACKER protection for Unclaimed Property at or call StoneRiver for a demonstration CD.

With nearly 3,000 TRACKER clients, StoneRiver's positive presence and influence in the marketplace is unmistakable. StoneRiver is a proven, financially stable software developer, committed to the future of TRACKER and its customers.

Custom file mapping--

Data can be imported from your payables, payroll, or any other application capable of exporting an ASCII file. TRACKER’s custom file mapping utility lets you “associate” the corresponding fields for import without custom programming an interface. These maps can also be used to export data, such as a remittance check number, back to the
source systems.

Importing data--

TRACKER’s import utility can save you thousands of dollars by detecting duplicate records during the import process. No other system can do that today. You can also use the system’s Custom Import Index to create a user-defined key during the import process. After an import is completed, TRACKER’s load report verifies that key information on all records is imported correctly. The import utility also features an option to update specific fields in existing records.


TRACKER security helps you maintain data integrity by controlling who enters the system and what functions they can use. This module provides company-specific security for each menu option, and allows multiple levels of access with user-defined passwords. The user name and password entered at the sign-on window provides an audit trail of all activities performed within the TRACKER database.

Editing owner and property data--

TRACKER stores detailed information on each item of unclaimed property. In fact, it’s the only unclaimed property that allows you to view owner and property information on the same screen, and clients praise this important feature.

TRACKER makes it simple to enter or edit data and navigate to other records. The system displays only the tabs that are relevant to the current record, based on the property type ID. For example, the stock tab is only displayed for stock properties. This removes unnecessary screen clutter and guides you toward the appropriate data fields for each record.

Search letters--

TRACKER offers you a simple and streamlined method of generating search letters to fulfill state-specific due diligence requirements. The system makes it easy to control the selection criteria for your letters. For example, you might select dormant properties for specific states and a certain period-ending date. TRACKER automatically compares all the records with individual state requirements to determine which items require due diligence action for the selected states. The system retains the dates of the letters you’ve sent to help you monitor your current level of compliance with due diligence requirements.


The system’s most valuable benefit is its ability to generate pre-approved state reports for printed or electronic submission. Submission formats vary widely from state to state and our developers stay in close contact with state officials to ensure the TRACKER system is fully compliant. The system searches the database for records that match state-specific criteria regarding dormancy, filing dates, and aggregate amounts. It automatically selects only records classified as dormant by the appropriate state’s definition. TRACKER also accommodates reciprocal reporting between states.

Indexing options--

TRACKER indices help you search the list of property owner records. The system is pre-set to search on Last Name, Owner ID and Property ID, but you can select up to five additional search fields.

Group modify or delete--

This option puts a wide range of data flexibility in your hands. Any group of records that contain common criteria can be quickly modified or deleted all at once.

ASCII file export--

Most states want one unclaimed property report per Federal ID number. If you use TRACKER for more than one company, this utility lets you merge the subsidiaries into the parent(s). ASCII File Export can also be used to export data to other internal systems such as payroll.